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Regina Police Services cuts service times by 48% with WaitWell

Regina Police Services improved service operations with WaitWell, resulting in shorter service times, reduced waits, and higher satisfaction.

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Regina Police Services cuts service time nearly in half

Regina Police Services (RPS) was having problems managing multiple service types and workflows at their office. With WaitWell, RPS has been able to cut service times nearly in half and decrease no-shows by 66%. This has decreased staff stress levels and has improved their operational efficiency.


Established in 1982, the Regina Police Service (RPS) is responsible for law enforcement in the capital city of Saskatchewan. RPS is very busy serving the public, and needed help managing walk-ins and appointments. WaitWell has helped RPS transform and digitize service delivery. The simplicity, cost-effectiveness, support and intelligence of WaitWell’s features are all aspects that the staff at RPS rave about. Since implementation RPS has significantly decreased no-shows, as well as improved staff productivity in a short amount of time. Matthew Carleton, the Business Systems Analyst at RPS said, “WaitWell is a partner that has a powerful yet simple platform, and a team dedicated to their customers’ success.”

Business Challenge

RPS had to address the issue of physical distancing and capacity regulations with the pandemic in 2020. This initiated the search for a solution.

The initial solution they purchased did not perform as they hoped, with little customer support, and very few features tailored for their organization. Some staff members were requesting more data collection and reporting. Others were looking for a more robust workflow solution at an enterprise level. This combination of factors led them to WaitWell.

Even though the restrictions of the pandemic are currently lifted, WaitWell continues to be a solution for RPS. By providing consistent support, WaitWell has provided RPS with a seamless integration for their organization.


RPS reached out to WaitWell in January, 2022 to discuss how they could manage new pandemic restrictions such as new capacity limits. Integrating appointments with walk-ins and retrieving important information regarding customer visits were also vital aspects they were requesting a solution for.

RPS wanted different solutions for each public service that they offer. For example, they wanted the public to be able to make appointments for criminal record checks, or join a virtual queue for walk-in services. They also wanted to ease administrative duties for the front desk. WaitWell provided these features for RPS and has streamlined service exponentially.


WaitWell provided a tailored solution for RPS, and has created a solution for seamless service delivery. Since implementation, RPS has had a reduction in no-shows of more than 66%. They have also seen a reduction in service time by 48%. WaitWell has eased administrative duties and has made the lives of the front desk staff easier. This has been done by automatically integrating appointments and walk-ins, and providing customers with a virtual queue.

Carleton also said that the support RPS received from WaitWell throughout the journey, and presently, is extraordinary. He explained how it is difficult to find a service with such hands-on support, and a team who really cares. WaitWell has provided RPS with a seamless transition to a digital workflow solution with minimal complications.

“WaitWell has enabled our Police Service to take control of our customer interactions while providing actionable data and reporting to optimize service delivery all in an affordable package,” he said. “WaitWell is a true innovator in the QMS space.”

These unique features and benefits are precisely why RPS continues to use and recommend WaitWell today. “10 out of 10 support, every issue has been addressed in a prompt fashion and to our satisfaction,” he said.

“The ease of use, support and affordability of WaitWell cannot be understated.  It allowed us to modernize our QMS processes while at the same time providing detailed reporting and increased customer satisfaction.  Highly recommended.”

-Matthew Carleton, Regina police service