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Better, more efficient service delivery. It’s about time.

We help busy service locations across North America improve operational efficiency and reputation by delivering services with speed and excellence.

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We had a problem. And we didn’t wait for someone else to solve it.

“There’s got to be a better way”

Steve and Shannon Vander Meulen were running a busy motor vehicle registry office, and it was chaotic. Long lineups, customers directed to agents unqualified to help, and no data or insights into operational efficiency.

“Why not create our own queue and booking solution?”

They knew exactly what was needed: Technology that would ensure customers would arrive at the right place, at just the right time, fully prepared for service.

“Wow… people need this.”

Steve and Shannon saw immediate results in their registry. The office was quieter and less crowded. Staff stress levels went down and customer satisfaction went up. Managers got operational insights they’d never had before and finally knew where to provide more support. It was a win for everyone.

Great service is an attainable goal for every organization. You just need the right processes and tools.

One platform for all your queuing and booking needs

Queue Management

Replace physical lineups with a virtual queue.

Appointment Management

Serve more customers more efficiently.

Workflow automation

Automate and sequence manual, time-consuming tasks.

Service Accessibility

Make your services accessible to all.

Customer Insights

Document and track customer details in one place.

Analytics & Reporting

Know where and how to improve operational efficiency.

Meet our leaders

Steve Vander Meulen
Shannon Vander Meulen
Steve Drew
Sarah Dyack
Customer Success

Our team in action

We were built for the busy

From architecture to features, our queue management system was specifically designed to help organizations with multi-service operations deliver 1:1 service with excellence.

Higher Education

Connect students to the right services and support.


Fill doctors’ schedules, not waiting rooms.


Reduce wait times at DMVs, police stations, and public offices.


Prioritize based on urgency and let furry friends wait comfortably at home.


Let shoppers keep shopping while they wait to be served.

Events & Hospitality

Remove lengthy lineups from the customer experience.

Trusted by busy service locations across North America