The retail queue management system that transforms customer experience

Serve more customers in less time with an efficient virtual retail queue, two-way customer communications, and real-time operational insights.

Develop a reputation for speedy, satisfying service

Customers walk away from long lines that move too slowly. The right retail queue management system keeps customers moving so you can boost sales, revenue, and your service reputation.

Reduce customer walk-aways

Improve customer satisfaction by replacing lineups with a convenient virtual queue.

Increase revenue

Boost daily sales by encouraging customers to keep shopping (and spending) while they wait.

Unlock customer journey insights

Learn where, when, and why customers leave to know where to improve.

The WaitWell difference

Replace lengthy lines with convenient queues

Let customers add themselves to a virtual lineup via QR code, website link, or onsite kiosk. Customers can choose where they want to wait until it’s their turn to be served, and staff can easily monitor and manage the queue from a single screen.

  • Self-serve check-in
  • Automated text and email reminders
  • Real-time status and wait times

Offer easy online booking for in-store service

Customers can self-schedule appointments for fittings, consultations, prescription pick-ups, and more directly on your website. 10 minutes before the appointment time, customers are automatically added to your queue screen, so staff know who to serve next.

  • Automated text and email reminders
  • Two-way texting
  • Pre-visit document upload

Text promotional offers to customers in the queue

Create automated promotional messages based on service type, service stage, time, and location. Staff can easily send and receive in-app or SMS messages from a single queue screen.

  • Pre-built retail communication templates
  • Two-way texting
  • Configurable communication workflows

Manage retail operations across multiple locations

Multi-location queue management and booking is simple with WaitWell. Easily configure settings, workflows, and communication by location or region in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Customize services

Adjust appointment availability to reflect the services you offer and the hours you’re open.

Create unique workflows

Automate manual tasks with the workflows that work best for each location.

Choose queuing methods

Choose which check-in options to offer where – QR code, website, or kiosk.

See our kiosk solutions

Discover actionable service data and customer insights

See real-time insights into customer wait times, staff performance, and customer experience ratings across multiple locations. A customizable dashboard and trend analysis help you spot inefficiencies and make scheduling or resourcing decisions based on accurate data.


Currently Waiting


Peak Waiting at 9am


Being Served

11 min

Average Wait Time


Total Served


No Show



6.4 min

Average Serve Time

More features retailers and shoppers love

Real-Time Wait Times

See the current or average wait time for any location, service, or provider.

Two-Way Texting

Communicate directly with customers before and after their visit.

Automated Promotions

Text customers about special deals when they join or leave the queue.

Queue Holds

Allow customers to put themselves on hold until they’re ready to be served.

Ticket Prioritization

Manage queues based on service urgency or appointment type.

Ticket Transfer

Transfer customer tickets to the service provider best able to help.

Self-Service Check-In

Let customers check in for appointments by responding to a confirmation text.

Customer Reviews

Track customer feedback by customer service rep, service type, and location.

What our retail customers are saying…

It has been running very smoothly and has really made a difference on our customers’ wait times and our stress levels.

Cordelia McCullagh Retail Manager
Mccarthy Uniforms

As a manager, when I am not in the physical space I get the pop-up in the corner of my screen, and I can see if things are getting hectic. I can then jump in and help.

Jeff Sears Manager
The Bike Shop

WaitWell implementation was straightforward and intuitive. The folks at WaitWell were readily available to answer any questions and fix small issues or personalizations with the platform very quickly.

Tarik Belarbi Customer Service and Project Management Director

It’s a very simple system to use, with many amazing tools. You can use it just simply as a Line-Management Application, but it can do so much more.

Curtis C. WaitWell User

Instead of having a big line up go around our store, people can wait in the comfort of their vehicles or go shopping while waiting.

Sheniah H. WaitWell User

WaitWell is user-friendly and easy to configure. The performance is great too! Our stores are able to manage lines and appointments easily and with less effort since customers can join/cancel themselves.

Annie Retail Business Analyst