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Automate the flow of customer data

WaitWell easily integrates with your CRM, calendar, virtual meeting platform, ERP, and more to simplify workflows and ensure you always have the information you need to deliver quality customer service.

Our integrations empower you to…

Validate customer ID

Authenticate identification (e.g. student ID or motor vehicle ID) before they join the queue.

Facilitate secure virtual meetings

Generate secure, moderated meeting links to deliver remote service within WaitWell.

Sync with CRM or MAP

Facilitate the flow of customer data between WaitWell and your CRM or marketing automation platform.

See real-time appointment availability

Sync calendar availability and scheduled appointments between WaitWell and Outlook or Gmail.

Export Data

Export data to your other tools and systems for archiving and data mining.

Maintain a single source of truth

See all of your customer data in one place within WaitWell, continuously updated through two-way integrations.


Avoid manually re-entering data into multiple systems. WaitWell securely integrates with your existing tech stack. If you don’t see an integration listed, let us know and we’ll work with you to make it happen.


Sync customer data with your Salesforce CRM.


Sync customer data with your Peoplesoft CRM.


Manage customer contacts and workflows.

Azure AD

Integrate staff directories, logins, and security group rules.


Automatically create Zoom sessions for virtual service.


Automatically create Teams sessions for virtual service.

Google Meet

Automatically create Meet sessions for virtual service.


Sync Outlook calendar availability with booked appointments.

Google Calendar

Sync Google calendar availability with booked appointments.


Connect your Twilio account to manage SMS texts.


Connect your Telnyx account to manage SMS texts.


Integrate your identity management system for customer validation.

Google Forms

Create your own Google waivers and forms within WaitWell.


Manage online credit card payments.


Sync appointments and reports.


Send email campaigns or promotions to customers in the queue.


Generate and automatically route your help desk tickets directly from your waitlist.


Send real-time waitlist updates on Slack.

Medical ERP Systems

Add patient visit details to medical records.

Survey Monkey

Implement an automated post-visit survey system to gather valuable customer feedback.

Create more powerful service workflows with the WaitWell API

Build your own branded, front-end web experiences for queuing or appointments without using the WaitWell interface, or integrate with custom tools you’ve built in-house.

  • Based on RESTful API architecture
  • Documented on OpenAPI
  • Supports headless operations

Learn more about Workflow Automation

A few ideas of what you could build with our API…

Website interface
Kiosk interface
Custom dashboards
Digital lobby displays
Queue join page
Custom integration management

The integrations with the system have been remarkably easy to use. Our consultants use Teams to book appointments with clients. It was straightforward to set up and has been easy for the end-users as well.

Nick Heger Experiential Learning Systems Specialist
University of Manitoba

WaitWell seamlessly integrates with Zoom making it easy and straightforward to join virtual meetings.

Wilfred Senior Software Consultant

The convenience of having everything I need within a single window enhances efficiency and minimizes the time spent toggling between multiple interfaces or screens. It’s a testament to WaitWell’s thoughtful design focused on optimizing agent workflow.

WaitWell User Education Management

WaitWell is so easy to use. I like that it shows what services clients are here for so the appropriate person can call them up.

Laura R.

WaitWell integrates easily with most of the tools we use, and it’s easy to use for us and the end user. WaitWell helped save time for our customers and increased productivity over time.

Health & Wellness User