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Queue management that makes attractions more attractive

Create positive customer experiences at your entertainment venue or attraction with a virtual queue that’s convenient for customers and efficient for your business.

Trusted by busy venues and attractions across North America

Delays and bottlenecks aren’t good for business

Customers know (and tell others) when a venue or attraction isn’t well managed. Deliver positive, profitable experiences every time with customizable virtual queuing, appointment booking, workflow automation, and service analytics.

Improve customer and staff satisfaction

Eliminate long lineups to create a a more convenient and fun experience.

Generate more revenue

Build a more profitable business by reducing customer walkaways and increasing repeat attendance.

Maximize operational efficiency

See real-time service operations at a glance to uncover service trends and customer insights.

The WaitWell difference

Let customers have fun while they wait

Enable customers to join your virtual line via a QR code, website link, or onsite kiosk. They can check their progress and estimated wait time from their phone at any time, and enjoy shopping for merchandise or visiting concession instead of waiting in line.

  • Self-serve check-in
  • Automated text and email notifications
  • Real-time status and wait times

Combine the flexibility of walk-ins with the convenience of appointments

Customers with appointments confirm by text before they arrive and are added to the front of the line, while open time slots can be filled with walk-in customers. You can easily manage both types of customers from one screen.

Keep the lines of communication open

Confirm customer appointments, answer questions, or provide queue updates – all from the same queue screen. All communication can be automated, with the ability to send and receive messages in real time as needed.

  • Pre-built hospitality communication templates
  • Two-way texting
  • Configurable communication workflows

Tailor workflows to crowd flows

Reduce customer confusion and frustration when they enter your venue or attraction. Configure automated workflows to guide customers to and through the ticket gate. Workflows can be created for appointment confirmation, ticket validation, customer surveys, and much more.

Make continuous improvements with real-time data

See real-time insights into customer wait times, staff performance, and experience ratings. A customizable dashboard and trend analysis help you spot inefficiencies and make scheduling or resourcing decisions based on accurate data.


Currently Waiting


Peak Waiting at 9am


Being Served

11 min

Average Wait Time


Total Served


No Show



6.4 min

Average Serve Time

More features venues, attractions, and customers love

Real-Time Wait Times

See the current or average wait times, number of customers in line, and more.

Two-Stage Waiting

Let customers know when to arrive at your waiting area so they don’t miss their turn.

E-admission Tickets

Allow staff to check in visitors by scanning unique visitor QR codes on electronic tickets.

Two-Way Texting

Communicate directly with customers before and after their visit.

Queue Updates

Notify customers about live wait times and queue position updates.

Automated Reminders

Text or email appointment confirmations or appointment reminders.

Online Scheduling

Offer self-serve online scheduling for various attractions or events.

Document Upload

Enable customers to complete and submit forms, waivers, and other documents in advance online.

What our hospitality customers are saying…

The support team has been the best out of any other vendor I have experienced. It is just incredible. It’s been huge for us to be able to talk to someone and have our specific needs met since we are such a custom use case.

Ryan Bajaras Marketing Manager
Langer’s Entertainment Centre

It’s the best queue management that delivers better customer workflows. It reduces customers walkways and also delivers shorter customer service time. It is simple to schedule, reschedule, and manage appointments with WaitWell.

Makandi Sales and Marketing Manager

WaitWell has provided a very efficient and effective queue system for our business. People are able to freely explore the building while having the reassurance that there will be a spot for them.

Brandon Lam Lead, Science Communications
Telus Spark Science Centre

WaitWell manages our customers swiftly and conveniently. It ensures no chaos in our restaurant and is a must-have for hotels and restaurants that need crowd management.

Betty Restaurant General Manager

WaitWell’s ability to handle our four waitlists for vastly different experiences and provide very accurate wait time estimates has improved our customer experience and allowed our customers to make accurate decisions regarding what they want to do.

Ryan Bajaras Marketing Manager
Langer’s Entertainment Centre

From our perspective, the information that we can collect on staff and guests influences our scheduling needs, will improve our market campaigns and costs, and provides greater insight into any changes we make to operations.

Parker Vogt General Manager
Langer’s Entertainment Centre