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The platform that cuts wait times in no time

Manage your queue, fill your schedule, and discover a new level of operational efficiency.

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Take the chaos out of queuing

Replace your physical lineup with a virtual queue that lets customers choose how and where they want to wait. Staff can easily see and manage all customer details from a single queue screen.

Multi-Channel Queue

Enable customers to join your queue via QR code, website link, or onsite kiosk.

SMS/Email Notifications

Send customers updates about wait time, position in line, and more.

Two-Way Texting

Answer questions or request documents directly from your queue screen.

Ticket Prioritization

Triage and prioritize service requests without disrupting the queue.

Estimated Wait Time

Provide customers with accurate wait times calculated with AI and machine learning.

Two-Stage Waiting

Set your waiting room capacity and notify customers when there’s space inside.

Queue Hold

Allow customers to put themselves on hold until they’re ready for service.

Customer Notes

Add notes to a customer’s profile to create more efficiency for future visits.

Manage more appointments more efficiently

Enable customers to book, modify, or cancel appointments online with a versatile self-serve booking system.

In-person or virtual service

Offer the same quality service in person or via a secure virtual meeting link.

Booked or walk-in appointments

Seamlessly integrate walk-in appointments into your schedule while prioritizing booked customers.

Location customization

Configure WaitWell for multiple locations. Customize services, hours of operation, appointment types, and more.

Automate service workflows

Deliver service up to 20% faster with automated workflows tailored to your industry, services, and location.

Industry-Specific Modes

Leverage industry-specific automation for dispatchers, pharmacies, dispensaries, healthcare, and more.

Average Service Times

Auto-calculate average service times using real-time data for specific locations or providers.

Ticket Routing

Connect customers to the agent who’s best suited to deliver that service.

Ticket Transfer

Transfer customers to another agent or location in seconds.

Document Upload

Request and verify customer waivers or intake documents before appointments.

Reminders & Notifications

Automate appointment reminders, wait time updates, and more via text or email.

Multi-Step Service

Guide customers through multi-step flows with sequenced instructions, notifications, and approvals.

Customer Reviews

Request reviews from every customer after service has been delivered.

Get the tools you need to remove potential barriers to service

Make your services accessible to customers with disabilities, impairments, language barriers, and those who require virtual service.


Deliver multilingual content and real-time communications with language detection and dynamic translation.

Voice Notifications

Create custom automated voice notifications to let customers know it’s their turn.

Waitlist Displays

Connect WaitWell to a smart TV or tablet so customers can visually monitor their wait status.

Virtual Service

Deliver quality service remotely with secure virtual meetings, fully integrated with your schedule and queue.

Connect with your tech

Simplify workflows and save staff time by integrating WaitWell with your CRM, calendar, virtual meeting platform, ERP, marketing automation, and more.

Analyze and report on operational efficiency

Track wait times, service times, customer satisfaction ratings, and more across multiple locations in real time. 
A customizable dashboard shows you the operational metrics and KPIs that matter most to your business.


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6.4 min

Average Serve Time

Easy to start. Easy to scale.

Nobody has time for drawn-out implementation. Our team will configure WaitWell for your unique business needs, and get you up and running fast.

Workflow assessment

We audit your existing workflows to identify opportunities for improved efficiency and automation.

Workflow configuration

Our experts work closely with you to configure WaitWell for your unique services and operational goals.

Rapid implementation

We have setup down to a science and will have your teams live and trained in days.

Platform admin controls

Easily change platform features and settings for locations, regions, or the entire company in just a few clicks.

Support is just a phone call away

WaitWell is so easy to manage that you probably won’t need us. But if you do, we always pick up the phone.