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Queue Management

The virtual queue that 
puts customers first

Reduce wait times and improve operational efficiency by letting your customers choose 
how and where they want to wait.

You probably have a virtual queue. But are you still experiencing these issues?

Queue management solutions can be clunky, and many offer limited insights into operational efficiency and performance.

Confused customers

They don’t seem to know what to click or where to go – and they aren’t happy about it.

Frequent no-shows

Your schedule is full of gaps where customers never showed up for service.

Resourcing challenges

Turnover is high, and it’s hard to train new hires and serve customers at the same time.

Locked-down functionality

You want to customize your queue and workflows, but your vendor holds the keys.

Switch to WaitWell for better results

In person, over the phone, or on video

Customers can choose in-person or virtual service when they join the queue. And you can manage them all from one screen.

Offer multiple ways to join the queue

Choose the method(s) that work best for your business and customers.

QR code

Customers scan a QR code posted at your location.

Website link

Customers join the queue by clicking a link on your website.

Kiosk check-in

Customers join the queue at a self-serve kiosk through our app using a tablet or our kiosk hardware.

Connect customers with the right agent at the right time

Automated workflows, tailored to your unique services, assign customers to the right virtual line. View ticket details or adjust ticket priority in your virtual queue management screen in just a few clicks.

Become known for clear communication

Answer questions or give updates on wait times to keep your customers engaged and informed.

Answer their questions

Text customers directly from your virtual queue management screen.

Hold their place

Let customers hold their place in line and rejoin when they’re ready.

Speak their language

Customers select their preferred language. Auto-translation does the rest.

See more accessible services

Finally. Appointments and walk-ins working in sync.

Customers schedule and manage their appointments from your website. When they arrive, they’re automatically added to the queue and prioritized over walk-ins.

See the numbers behind the queue

Get complete visibility into the service metrics that matter most to your business. With real-time reporting and trend analysis, you can easily spot inefficiencies and make scheduling or resourcing decisions based on accurate data.

What our customers are saying…

The WaitWell app has been VERY popular. We have had dozens of 5 star reviews and it is reducing load on the reception staff. We are very pleased.

Gregory Davies President
Avantia Medical Imaging

It makes it so much easier when students are able to log into a queue from home if there is a long wait. It is also very transparent with the student with wait times and communication.

Jessica Rodriguez Associate Director
University of Texas at Austin – Texas One Stop

It’s a better experience for the guests and it’s more income for us so it’s just a no-brainer. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Ryan Bajaras Marketing Manager
Langer’s Entertainment Centre

WaitWell has provided a very efficient and effective queue management system for our business. People are able to freely explore the building while having the reassurance that there will be a spot for them.

Brandon Lam Exhibit Manager
Telus Spark 

We are no longer dealing with patients telling us that they arrived first or asking us how much longer they must wait.

Agnie Machin Clinic Manager
University Reproductive Associates

Our staff found the system very easy to learn and all the staff agree that it is a very efficient, customer-friendly way to manage our lineup.

Dennis Howie Owner
Registry @ South Trail

WaitWell Wins