WaitWell line management software. Virtual queues for {service, retail, healthcare} business and more.

WaitWell line management software. Virtual queues for business and more.

Keep your lobby, customers and staff safe with our touchless queue and line management software. With WaitWell, you'll increase customer satisfaction, reduce staff stress and improve your business results. Simple, safe and secure.

How does WaitWell line management software work?

Why use Waitwell line management software to manage your virtual queue?

physical distancing for COVID causes problems in lobbies
Better manage COVID requirements with line management software

It's never been more important to maintain physical distancing, yet our lobbies weren't designed for the amount of space this requires. WaitWell solves this problem by letting customers wait elsewhere without losing their place in line.

without line management software clients wait out in the bad weather
Keep clients out of weather & crowded wiating areas

Whether your weather is too hot or cold, wet or dry, you never have to worry about customers being exposed. With WaitWell line management software, they can pass the time in the comfort of their home, vehicle or shopping center.

line management software makes customers more satisfied
Improve customer satisfaction

With increased communication through our customizable SMS system, you can share important details with clients, keep them up to date on their place in line and send alerts to all those waiting if necessary. With more satisfied customers, you can expect to see an increase in 5-star reviews.

line management software provides dashboard data to make better decisions
Gain insights and make better decisions

With WaitWell's dashboard, you gain real-time information about the size of your line, average wait times and staff performance. This helps you make decisions on the fly. WaitWell also provides a range of reports and analytics from which to spot trends over time. These insights will help you run your business with data-driven decisions.

reduce staff stress with line management software
Reduce staff stress and increase productivity

By reducing long lines and giving your customers a better wait experience, you significantly reduce the amount of stress that can be felt by your staff. Not only does this help you retain valuable employees, but it also ensures customers receive friendly service. What's more, staff can view their reports to see valuable data that can help them be more productive.

adding multiple queues and locations with WaitWell line management software
Manage multiple queues and locations

For businesses with more than one type of service or multiple locations, WaitWell line management software let's you setup multiple virtual queues for all of your offices. This let's you prioritize aspects of your business while also ensuring the right staff are assigned to services requiring specialized skills. All off your virtual queues and locations are managed from a single subscription.


Implementation & support for WaitWell line management software

Your business depends on a healthy lineup of customers, so we understand that changing your process is a big deal. That's why we offer implementation services, training and support during your transition.

Implementation Services

Our team of service experts will guide you through everything you need to know and all the decisions you might want to make for how to modify your lobby and line management processes.


Included with every subscription is training for how to setup and use WaitWell virtual line management software. We'll cover everything you need to know for how to operate the software.

Ongoing Support

Our support staff are here to help. Every subscription comes with phone support and unlimited email support. There are also premium support options and free self-server resources to keep your subscription running smoothly.

check-in kiosk for WaitWell line management software

Add the check-in kiosk for WaitWell line management software to your lobby

Intuitive Self-Serve Check-in

The kiosk comes with instruction signage, a 27-inch monitor showing the virtual line, a sign-in tablet and a lockable cabinet for storage. It's intuitive design minimizes disruption to your staff and check-in bottlenecks.

Secure and Mobile

All devices are securely mounted and cables are safely stored. What's more, the cabinet can be mounted on wheels, letting you move the kiosk inside or outside of your lobby.

Easy setup and integration

The WaitWail kiosk comes pre-configured with all the equipment you need. You simply plug it in and connect it to your wireless network.

Free 14-Day Trial Free 14-Day Trial

Free 14-Day Trial

Book a 15-minute demonstration and let our WaitWell experts show you around. If you like what you see, then will be happy to set you up with a free 14-day trial.

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