Transform service with intelligent queue management

Mobile queueing, self-serve appointments, task sequencing, reporting, and communication tools that streamline service.

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The modern way to connect people to services

Service matters more than ever. But providing exceptional service is challenging. Customers are confused. Staff are burnt out. Organizations lack data insights.

Today’s customers expect convenience and responsiveness. That’s where WaitWell comes in. Our award-winning queue management and workflow solution makes service better, from start to finish.

Customers use WaitWell to make an appointment or join a queue. They receive tailored communication to ensure they arrive to the right place, at just the right time and that they are prepared for service. No more crowded waiting rooms. No more disgruntled customers putting pressure on maxed-out staff.

client no longer needs to wait in line when using a virtual queue

Digitally transform service delivery

WaitWell streamlines service operations. Our feature-rich solution can be tailored to your organization to produce an automated workflow that delivers an exceptional customer experience every time.

WaitWell customers experience these benefits:


fewer walkaways


reduction in wait times


shorter service times

Regina Police Services reduces service times by up to 48% with WaitWell

“We needed to transform our public facing service delivery model in a significant way.  WaitWell was the partner that allowed us to do that with a powerful yet simple platform and a team dedicated to their customers’ success. “

No matter your industry, WaitWell has optimized queues and workflows just like yours

WaitWell queue management software makes service better at universities, public offices, clinics, pharmacies and retail locations. In total, we have saved nearly one million hours of waiting time at hundreds of locations across North America. Our highly configurable solution can be tailored to any situation to streamline service delivery.

pivot magazine photo

“The true genius behind the innovation: when customers aren’t waiting in line, they are free to do other things.”

Pivot Magazine, November 2021

Do you wonder if there is a better way to deliver service in your organization?

At WaitWell, we are experts in digital transformation. At our core, we are a company that is passionate about elevating service delivery.

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