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Eliminate Lineups

WaitWell manages the capacity in your waiting area so that there are always clients ready to be served, but your waiting area is never crowded. WaitWell automatically invites the next person in for service by SMS text. Service moves smoothly, with no lineups or crowds.

Optimize Workflow

WaitWell streamlines service delivery. When staff know the service type required before calling a client, they can select services they are qualified to deliver. Team members can share information and even communicate with clients through 2-way SMS texting.

Reduce Walkaways

Long lineups drive customers away. With WaitWell, customers can join the line and use the wait time to run errands, shop or just relax. WaitWell also provides insight into how often customers balk at the estimated wait time or cancel after joining the queue.

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Our award-winning SMS queue management system is supported by a team that is passionate about customer success. Explore our resources to ensure a successful transition to a waiting line management app.

8 Tips to Make Waiting Painless for Your Customers

It’s not always possible to eliminate waiting altogether. Yet, waiting is a source of frustration for most people. Luckily, there are steps you can take that can dial down the annoyance factor and win you some points with your customers at the same time.

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The true genius behind the innovation: when customers aren’t waiting in line, they are free to do other things.

Pivot Magazine, November 2021

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No matter your industry or the size of your organization, WaitWell can configure a queue management workflow that makes your business more productive and delights your customers.

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