Case Study

How TELUS Spark eliminates lineups with WaitWell

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Telus Spark exterior shot

TELUS Spark lets guests wander freely instead of waiting in line

TELUS Spark wanted their guests to walk around and enjoy multiple exhibits instead of waiting in one line. WaitWell allows guests to enter a virtual queue and enjoy the science center while they wait for busier attractions. They receive a text when it is their turn, it’s that simple.


TELUS Spark is Calgary’s science centre. It is a valuable city asset as they provide hands-on, interactive learning experiences for kids and adults of all ages. It attracts thousands of visitors every year and sparks curiosity in the worlds of science, technology and creativity. TELUS Spark offers opportunities for individuals and students to learn about their world, think outside the box, collaborate and explore their questions imaginatively.

Every year TELUS Spark features new and exciting exhibitions for their visitors to explore. Their “Minecraft” exhibition is one of their most recent showcases. It is an interactive space where visitors have the option to play Minecraft online. Minecraft allows users to create buildings and explore landscapes. It is an excellent opportunity for students to learn how to collaborate, think critically and problem solve. TELUS Spark saw the benefit of this experience and chose to provide it to all their guests. With this exhibit being particularly busy, TELUS Spark wanted a solution to help with lineups. They wanted kids to be able to explore other exhibits while waiting for their turn, improving their experience.

Business Challenge

As hundreds of guests visit the science centre every day, TELUS Spark understood that having their guests stand in line to wait for their turn was not the most ideal way for them to spend their time.

With limited time to spend at the facility, families with young children may be deterred from visiting the Minecraft exhibit if they have to waste valuable time standing in line when they could otherwise be visiting other installations and attractions on site.


TELUS Spark partnered with WaitWell to create an easier and more time-efficient way for their guests to experience the Minecraft exhibition.

For Brandon Lam, the TELUS Spark Exhibits Manager, WaitWell has completely changed the experience for their guests. “WaitWell has provided a very efficient and effective queue system for our business. People are able to freely explore the building while having the reassurance that there will be a spot for them.” Guests can fully experience everything the science centre has to offer.


While guests love being able to join a virtual queue using their mobile devices, WaitWell also supports staff engagement. Staff who otherwise had to spend time managing a lineup are now freed up from line management duties and able to focus on interacting with guests and helping them to get the most out of the Minecraft exhibit. “WaitWell has been running very smoothly, it creates a really easy experience for our guests, especially parents who have small kids waiting to play because they can walk around and wait for us to text them when it’s their turn” shared Camelia Ursu, TELUS Spark employee.

WaitWell has been a smooth transition for both guests and employees and has helped parents who are waiting for their child’s turn to play. WaitWell has introduced new, innovative technology to the science centre, and TELUS Spark plans on continuing to use WaitWell’s system for future exhibitions.

WaitWell has provided a very efficient and effective queue system for our business. People are able to freely explore the building while having the reassurance that there will be a spot for them.”