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Virtual service

Meet your customers 
where they’re at

Deliver quality service remotely with secure virtual meetings that are fully integrated with your 
schedule and queue.

Virtual service is a win-win for customers and businesses

Your customers crave convenience. Your business needs efficiency and revenue. Offering virtual service with WaitWell makes it all possible.

Improve the customer experience

Give customers the freedom to choose in-person, phone, or virtual service.

Fill your schedule

Book more appointments by eliminating transportation and travel time.

Improve service efficiency

Effortlessly switch between in-person and virtual service requests.

Make services more accessible

Remove service barriers for remote or immobile customers.

Remote service delivery has never been easier

Replace your clunky, time-consuming virtual meeting services with a fully integrated, mobile-friendly solution.

Give customers options without sacrificing efficiency

Customers choose how they prefer to be served: in-person, over the phone, or on a video call. Every ticket is accessible on the queue screen, with icons that make it easy for staff to see each customer’s preferred method of service.

Automatically send meeting invites and instructions

When a customer selects virtual service, they’re automatically sent a unique and secure meeting link by email or text.

Manage in-person and virtual service from one screen

Meeting links for virtual appointments or walk-in service requests are accessible from one queue screen alongside phone and in-person requests. Phone numbers are automatically added to customer tickets so staff never waste time hunting for contact details.

Analyze your virtual service efficiency

See wait times, no-shows, customer reviews, and more in a real-time dashboard. Compare in-person and virtual service efficiency and revenue impact to make informed decisions about operations and staffing.

What our customers are saying…

WaitWell seamlessly integrates with Zoom making it easy and straightforward to join virtual meetings. It makes it super easy to book appointments online and it saves much time.

Wilfred Senior Software Consultant

WaitWell solves the challenge of connecting students to the appropriate department and addressing their concerns, regardless of whether they’re on or off campus. The system efficiently manages both virtual and in-person queues.

Education Management User G2

The company has thought of everything and is easy to use and set up.

John David R. G2

With WaitWell, it’s fast to join virtual meetings as it integrates with Microsoft Teams. It also makes it simple to book and manage appointments. Joining and managing queues is more efficient.

James Country Chief Executive

WaitWell is a one-stop shop for all of your line management and appointment scheduling needs. It can be customized to fit the specific needs of your business, regardless of size or industry.

Dilip Singh Senior Software Engineer

I like to be able to see all of the data transparently. We get to see everything the student sees and there is no guessing about the numbers. The real-time data on the dashboard has also been really helpful for this.

Sejal Shah Sr. Manager
University of Texas at Austin – Texas One Stop