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Service Accessibility

Make your services accessible to everyone

WaitWell accessibility features empower you to serve customers with disabilities, impairments, language barriers, and those who require virtual service.

Remove potential barriers to service

Many service locations struggle to offer accessible services. With WaitWell, you can meet each customer’s needs and deliver high-quality service for all.

Hearing or visual impairment

Help customers see or hear that it’s their turn to be served.

Language translation

Send all electronic communications in your customer’s preferred language.

Remote needs

Allow customers to receive service from the comfort of their homes.

Tech access

Offer alternative queuing and booking methods to those without internet or smartphone access.

Offer multiple ways to join the queue

Empower customers to join your virtual queue however is most convenient and accessible for them.

QR code

Customers scan a QR code posted at your location.

Website link

Customers join the queue by clicking a link on your website.

Kiosk check-in

Customers join the queue at a self-serve kiosk through our app using a tablet or our kiosk hardware.

Offer services virtually anywhere

Remove transportation barriers by giving customers the option to meet virtually on Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. Customers can book virtual appointments in advance or join the queue and receive a unique meeting link when it’s their turn to be served.

Communicate with customers in their preferred language

WaitWell automatically detects customers’ browser language and delivers content and communications in that language. Two-way text or email communications are dynamically translated for agents and customers to streamline communication and avoid confusion.

Let hearing or visually impaired customers know when it’s their turn

Use verbal and visual cues to notify customers when you’re ready for them to approach the service desk.

Waitlist displays

Connect WaitWell to a smart TV lobby display so customers can visually monitor their wait status.

Voice notifications

Create custom automated voice notifications to let customers know it’s their turn.

Capture important customer information

Share service accessibility details (e.g. customer uses a wheelchair) with other agents to help them anticipate customer needs before service begins. Notes are automatically added to the customer’s profile and can be easily reviewed from the queue screen.

What our customers are saying…

WaitWell has allowed for digital accessibility, including remote join capabilities, and the ability to view your spot in line remotely.

Higher Education User G2

Some of the features I love most are the fact that you can place clients on hold, increase the priority (e.g. Seniors) of clients to be served, and safe management of the queue without overcrowding the office.

Beatrice Registry Agent

It’s simple to use and love the note feature that you can place to keep track of what your client may need.

Shayna Assistant Manager

Our goal is to make five minutes seem like 30 seconds, and WaitWell helps create that environment. Our customers know that they are waiting for the service and can see on the TV if they are next up.

Arvind IT Support Technician

The WaitWell system was easy to implement, and only required an internet connect and in our case a Smart TV. We were up and running in a matter of days,

Francois Courtemanche Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport
Director Security Operations

WaitWell is fully fleshed out and considers not only our business, but the end user. It allows us to focus our time and energy on providing excellent customer service and less on managing customers.

Ryan Entertainment Marketing Manager