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How Registry @ South Trail Crossing exceeds customer expectations with WaitWell Digital Queue Solution

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Man on the phone, Calgary vehicle registry eliminates lineups

Registry in Calgary receives 100% more Google reviews in one year

With WaitWell, Registry @ South Trail Crossing has improved the customer experience. Their Google ratings went from a 4.1 to a 4.3 in only one year. Customers now have the freedom to wait in their cars or at their homes instead of waiting inside or in worst cases, outside in the cold. They also use the data to improve staffing and operational decision-making.


COVID 19 presented a significant challenge for the Registry @ South Trail Crossing in Calgary, Alberta.

“On a typical business day we could have had as many as 10 to 30 people inside our office, in line, at any one time. We knew that proper COVID distancing was going to give a problem and subsequent mandated restrictions drastically reduced the number of customers we could have in our office. We also knew that we couldn’t expect our customers to line up outside in freezing temperatures,” said Dennis Howie, Owner of Registry @ South Trail Crossing.

In order to make space for all of the customers in line, they had to block off the two parking spots in front and install stanchions to keep the line organized. Not only was this a poor experience for customers, but it was also impractical for snow removal and reduced the amount of available parking for customers. “Desperate times call for unique solutions,” comments Howie.

He reached out to WaitWell in September 2020 and WaitWell worked closely with his team to customize a workflow that met the needs of his busy location. Registry @ South Trail Crossing customers have the option to join the virtual lineup using a QR code or by SMS text. They can also join from the company’s website, which means that customers can actually reserve a spot in line before they even leave home.

WaitWell takes the customer experience to the next level

A great customer experience has always been a cornerstone of their brand. WaitWell has helped them to take their customer service to the next level. They have nearly doubled the number of Google reviews in just one year and their overall Google score has increased from 4.1 to 4.3.

Beyond not having to stand outside in the cold, South Trail Crossing customers also enjoy the freedom to use their wait time as they please, rather than having to stand in place to keep their spot in line. South Trail Crossing is located at a busy shopping centre, which means that Registry customers who join their queue have the option to use the wait time to grab a coffee or do a little shopping, all while knowing that their place in line is guaranteed. Alternatively, customers can sit in their warm vehicles, perhaps listening to a podcast or making a phone call in privacy. This makes the perceived wait time feel shorter than the actual wait time, which is really important when you run a popular business which frequently has wait times that unfortunately exceed 10 minutes.

WaitWell makes it simple for customers to join the virtual queue, and is also an intuitive and easy to learn tool for staff. A recent survey revealed that 93% of staff are able to learn how to use WaitWell in less than 15 minutes and 100% needed no more than an hour to learn all the features. Staff generally need to learn just how to log in, assign a desk and press the “Assign to Me” button. There are additional features like increasing or decreasing priority, putting customers on hold, editing ticket details or adding notes to client tickets, but these actions are all very intuitive and simple to learn.

“Our staff found the system very easy to learn and all the staff agree that it is a very efficient, customer friendly way to manage our lineup,” said Registry Owner Dennis Howie.

Powerful data insights around the customer journey

With a physical lineup, it’s virtually impossible to glean any insights into the part of the customer journey before service begins. In a customer review a visitor said,

“I always loved this location. Very fast and efficient but now with the virtual line up, it’s even better. Super organized, lets you know your wait time. I was in and out with no pain. 5 stars!”

In order to make the best decisions around staffing, resource allocation and organization, managers need to understand how long customers are waiting for service, when customers are joining the line and how often customers walk away without being served.

“We now have more live data that allows us to manage more effectively our customer service experience,” said Howie.

We are extremely pleased with the versatility of the system and the ease with which we can customize the program to meet our specific needs. From the very first day, our customers have given us great positive feedback and advised us how much they appreciated not having to line up outside in inclement weather.”