Workflow Automation

Flexible flows for faster service

Deliver service up to 20% faster with automated workflows tailored to your industry, services, and locations.

Signs you need better workflow automation

Every queue management software says it does workflows. But if your workflow automation isn’t flexible or tailored to your unique services, locations, and business goals, you’re missing out.

Limited customization

Your workflow looks the same for every service and location.

Missing integrations

You’re constantly switching between your CRM, email, virtual meetings, etc.

Booked vs walk-in competition

Customers aren’t properly prioritized if they booked in advance.

Basic operational insights

You don’t have the analytics and reporting you need to make decisions.

Switch to WaitWell for the automation you need for speed

Automate pre-visit communications

Help customers arrive prepared. Send text or email confirmation messages, appointment reminders, document requests, and queue updates using one of many communication templates. If customers have questions, you can quickly respond from your WaitWell queue screen without interrupting service.

Confirm service bookings

Text or email customers to confirm their appointment time, location, and service.

Send appointment reminders

Reduce no-shows by automatically reminding customers about upcoming appointments by text or email.

Notify customers when it’s their turn

Inform customers about wait times, queue position, and when you’re ready for them.

Request required documents

Ask customers to bring or upload documents in advance (e.g. photo ID) for specific services.

Match customers to the right agent at the right time

Configure your workflows to prioritize customers based on service type, accessibility needs, and more. Route customers to the agent best equipped to deliver the service.

Integrate with your CRM

Leverage CRM data to identify returning customers, and view service details for previous visits.

Balance booked appointments and walk-ins

Manage booked and walk-in appointments in the same screen and prioritize customers who booked ahead.

Transfer tickets

Staff can easily transfer customers to another agent, or even location, in seconds.

Manage your entire workflow in one view

WaitWell eliminates screen switching and enables you to serve customers from start to finish in one screen.


See booked appointments in today’s schedule.


Walk-in customers appear in the same queue as booked appointments.

Priority Tickets

Urgent or prioritized tickets are bumped to the front of the queue.

SMS Text & Email

Communicate with customers directly from the home screen.

Intake & Waivers

See uploaded documents or proactively remind customers to bring important documents with them.


Previous staff notes are attached to the customer profile.

Virtual Service

Click virtual meeting links from the queue screen to deliver service virtually.

Multi-Step Service

Guide customers through multi-step flows with sequenced instructions, notifications, and approvals.

Configure workflows for multiple locations

Every service location is a little bit different. Location-based admin and flexible configuration make it easy to tailor workflows to individual locations.


Adjust appointment availability to reflect the services you offer and the hours you’re open.


Decide how many appointments and walk-ins each location should offer per day.


Choose which check-in options to offer where – QR code, SMS text, website, or kiosk.

See kiosk solutions

Optimize workflows based on real-time data

See wait times, agent service times, customer reviews, and more with 30+ service reports. Track metrics, assess efficiency, and know where to optimize your workflows.

What our customers are saying…

We needed to transform our public-facing service delivery model in a significant way during the pandemic. WaitWell was the partner that allowed us to do with a powerful yet simple platform and a team dedicated to their customers success.

Matthew Carleton Business Systems Analyst
Regina Police Services

WaitWell’s task automation is taking so much mental load off of our employees. Now they can just focus on doing their job.

Ryan Bajaras Marketing Manager
Langer’s Entertainment Centre

We are extremely pleased with the versatility of the system and the ease with which we can customize the program to meet our specific needs.

Dennis Howie Owner
Registry @ South Trail

WaitWell helped me to design an optimal workflow tailored to our every business need.

Thang Capterra

It’s the best queue management that delivers better customer workflows. It reduces customer walkways and also delivers shorter customer service time. It is simple to schedule, reschedule, and manage appointments with WaitWell.

Makandi Hospitality Sales and Marketing Manager

WaitWell has flexible features that can be customized to suit our ideal customer workflow.

Dominic Financial Services Product Owner