Customer insights

Know and learn from
your customers

Deliver more positive customer experiences by tracking customer service history, staff notes, ratings, and reviews in one place.

Struggling to improve the customer experience? We see these issues often.

Without detailed, accurate customer insights, it’s challenging and time-consuming for any business to personalize experiences, anticipate needs, and resolve issues.

Lack of historical data

You can’t see services received, locations visited, or experience ratings.

Manual customer feedback collection

You have to reach out to customers one by one to ask for reviews.

Difficulty resolving customer escalations

Managers don’t have enough details to de-escalate and resolve complaints.

Limited communication with customers pre/post service

Post-service follow-ups are time-consuming and inconsistent.

Track every interaction. Personalize every touchpoint.

WaitWell gives you detailed customer insights that enable you to deliver more positive customer experiences and quickly identify opportunities to improve.

Create a detailed customer history

Help staff anticipate and meet customer needs. When a new customer joins the queue, a profile is instantly created. Important service details are added every visit, and staff can add notes to set the next agent up to deliver a 5-star experience.

  • Queue join time and wait time
  • Communication history
  • Previous visits (date, service type, provider)
  • Staff notes

Collect, measure, and analyze feedback

Collect more customer reviews by attaching review requests to a pre-built text or email communication template. Incoming customer ratings and reviews can be sorted by location, service type, and more so you can easily monitor trends and identify training opportunities.

Resolve customer issues swiftly

When issues arise, managers can quickly get up to speed with a single file. Customer history, ratings, reviews, and staff notes are all easily accessible from the WaitWell dashboard.

Communicate directly with customers

Keep the lines of communication open, even after service is complete. Answer customer questions or request reviews by text or email using one of our communication templates, or create your own.

What our customers are saying…

WaitWell is simple to use and love the note feature that you can place to keep track of what your client may need.

Shayna Assistant Manager

WaitWell provides real-time updates and allows for better visits and communication between businesses and our clients.

Ameya Deputy General Manager

WaitWell provides valuable data about our visitors that helps us improve our processes.

Beatrice Finance and Administration Manager

WaitWell helped me keep track of the day with ease. Communication with customers has never been so easy.

Alex Aerial Park Supervisor

Before WaitWell, we weren’t able to easily go back and look at who served which student or which family on whatever day they came in. It was really difficult for us to find that data. WaitWell has been very helpful for us to get into all of that.

Danielle Kaplan Associate Director

The information that we can collect on staff and guests influences our scheduling needs, improves our marketing campaigns and costs, and provides greater insight into any changes we make to operations.

Ryan Bajaras Marketing Manager