Join the team that’s elevating service delivery

If you’re looking for a fast-paced tech company with a clear, impactful mission, we might just be a fit.

Our core values

Our values are foundational to all that we do – who we hire, what we build, and how we work.


We believe that being inclusive is about more than just who you hire. It’s about valuing the contributions of others and trusting people to do what they do best.


WaitWell was born from a creative idea to solve an age-old problem. We know that staying ahead of the competition means stoking the flames of innovation.


We like to say, “Speed is the way forward”. Making decisions fast is part of our culture. We move quickly from strategy to execution.


We never lose sight of the problem we are trying to solve. We are guided by our mission to elevate service delivery through digital transformation.

At WaitWell, growth happens daily. It is visible and palpable. Successes are a source of celebration. WaitWell brings together people who are quick to learn and fast to act and love wearing many hats as we evolve together.

Sarah Dyack Director of Customer Success

WaitWell’s core mission is to elevate service delivery. We believe in service as a brand differentiator. We know that service organizations need tools to support frontline workers if they are going to make service better. With our origin in the service industry, we are in a unique position to deliver the tools that organizations need to transform service.

Shannon Vander Meulen Co-Founder and CMO

Time is our most precious resource, and anything that can be done to give it back is a journey I’m excited to be a part of. At WaitWell we say “speed is the way forward,” which is deeply rooted in our core mission of giving back time and making service better. I’m inspired by the spirit of continuous learning and the collective pursuit of excellence.

Chris Karhut Product Marketing Manager

What you can expect

Joining WaitWell is like jumping on a rocket ship – we’re moving fast and we’re going places. On this team, you’ll grow more than you thought possible, and experience the thrill of making a difference in the world.


Learn from and collaborate with some of Calgary’s smartest, most creative people.


Create positive, lasting change in the 1:1 service industry.


Enjoy working in tech innovation with fun-loving people.


Attend tradeshows and conferences across Canada and the U.S.

Job Openings

Account Manager (Continuous)