Appointment Management

Appointments that practically 
manage themselves

Offer in-person, virtual, booked, and walk-in appointments across multiple locations with a versatile self-serve booking system.

Is your appointment management software letting you down?

74% of customers prefer to schedule their appointments online. But without the right appointment management system, booking gets messy – fast.

Schedules are often over or under-booked

Limited appointment analytics leads to guesstimating demand.

No-shows leak revenue

Lack of reminders means missed appointments and lost revenue.

Appointments vs walk-ins

It’s unclear which customer should be served next from the queue.

Customers arrive unprepared

Missing paperwork or identification leads to delays or rescheduling.

Switch to WaitWell for better results

Manage more appointments more efficiently

Let your customers book, modify, or cancel appointments from anywhere. We’ll help you keep everyone on the right track.

Offer services virtually anywhere

Give your customers the option to meet virtually on Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. Unique meeting links are automatically generated and added to your queue screen, ready for any agent to click, join, and serve. Our two-way calendar integration automatically syncs booked appointments with your other scheduled activities.

  • Customers book, modify, or cancel online
  • Outlook and Google Calendar integration
  • Single queue screen for virtual and in-person appointments

Master multi-location management

Every service location is a little bit different. Location-based admin and flexible configuration make it easy to manage appointments at one location or many.


Adjust appointment availability to reflect the services you offer and the hours you’re open.


Decide how many appointments and walk-ins each location should offer 
per day.


Choose which check-in options to offer where – QR code, website, or kiosk.

See kiosk solutions

Maximize service efficiency with automation

Unique appointment workflows help you save time, serve more customers, and generate more revenue.

Pre-visit documentation

Create service-specific waivers and intake forms for customers to complete and upload ahead of time.

Confirmation messages

Send confirmation texts and emails to reduce no-shows and proactively fill open appointments.

Two-way calendar integration

Booked appointments automatically sync with your other scheduled activities in Outlook or Google Calendar.

Get a bird’s-eye-view of appointment performance

See how each location (or your entire organization) is performing with real-time appointment volume, service types, no-shows, and more.


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Peak Waiting at 9am


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11 min

Average Wait Time


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6.4 min

Average Serve Time

What our customers are saying…

WaitWell has helped us to solve a major bottleneck when booking appointments, the system handles over 85% of our booking traffic now and has freed up our admin team to do other tasks.

Nick H. G2

WaitWell gives me an opportunity to make appointments with our customers. Clients can book for services and meet with our sales team for engagements. It’s more flexible than manual lineups since customers can join our queue system from their mobile phones.

Ethan Network Security Engineer

We love that the platform includes appointment booking and queuing all in one tool. We are using it at our higher ed institution across many faculties and service units, and students have given us great feedback on their experience.

Higher Education User G2

The single biggest benefit of Waitwell is that it does both queuing (unscheduled walk-ins) and appointment scheduling (ahead of time). Many companies will do one or the other but WaitWell does both extremely well.

Matthew C. Business Systems Analyst

The ease of use significantly reduces the time spent managing schedules, making it a highly efficient tool for any organization. Our onboarding and implementation process was great!

Higher Education User G2

WaitWell assists us in automating scheduling processes, we are able to save time, reduce errors, and focus on delivering better service.

Martha Patton Executive IT Recruiter