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Meet your new higher education queuing and booking solution

Replace campus lineups with versatile virtual queues that connect students with the right services right away. Ideal for high-volume one-stop centers.

Trusted by leading higher education institutions across North America

What delivering student services could be like…

Struggling with long lines at student service centers? Constantly dealing with student miscommunications and burnt-out staff? WaitWell transforms higher education queue management and booking into one efficient and convenient system.

No lineups for student services

Let students join a virtual queue from their phones.

Direct communication

Text or email students before and after appointments.

More students but less stress

Turn manual processes into automated workflows.

The WaitWell difference

Let students wait from virtually anywhere

Enable students to put themselves in a virtual line by scanning a QR code, clicking a link on your website, or checking in at a self-serve kiosk. Your staff can easily manage the queue and keep students informed about their line position and wait time.

  • Automate updates and reminders
  • Text with international numbers
  • Transfer tickets between locations on campus

Put appointments in their hands

Free up staff time by putting students in control of booking, rescheduling, or cancelling their own appointments online. Proactively reduce no-shows with automated confirmation and reminder messages.

Finally integrate appointments and walk-ins

Students can book appointments in advance or join the queue for walk-in service. Staff can easily manage both from one screen to keep the schedule on track.

Centralize all campus services in one platform

Financial Aid, Student Registration, and Student Advising might be on the same campus, but they each
have different needs. Configure queuing and booking for multiple locations and easily manage everything in one place.

Customize services

Adjust appointment availability to reflect the services you offer and the hours you’re open.

Create unique workflows

Automate manual tasks with the workflows that work best for each location.

Integrate with any SIS

Centrally manage student data in WaitWell with a secure integration with your student information system.

Learn more about integrations

Get the inside scoop on experience and efficiency

See student wait times, service efficiency, and peak periods at each campus location. A customizable dashboard and trend analysis help you spot inefficiencies and make scheduling or resourcing decisions based on relevant, real-time data.


Currently Waiting


Peak Waiting at 9am


Being Served

11 min

Average Wait Time


Total Served


No Show



6.4 min

Average Serve Time

More features institutions and students love

Real-Time Wait Times

See the current or average wait time for any service across campus.

Two-Way Texting

Communicate directly with students before and after service.

Automated Reminders

Create automated appointment reminders and queue updates.

Ticket Transfer

Transfer student tickets to the location and staff best able to help.

Waivers & Intake Forms

Request and verify student documents before their appointment.

Two-Stage Wait

Set your waiting room capacity and notify students when there’s space inside.

Self-Service Check-In

Let students check in for appointments by responding to a confirmation text.

Student Reviews

Track student feedback by service provider, service type, and location.

What our higher education customers are saying…

This has been a huge success for both of our campuses, and we are forever grateful to WaitWell for giving us that. We’ve only been utilizing WaitWell since July, and we have already seen great results.

Jennifer Vick Operations Coordinator
1Diefendorf – University at Buffalo

I like to be able to see all of the data transparently. We get to see everything the student sees and there is no guessing about the numbers. The real-time data on the dashboard has also been really helpful for this.

Sejal Shah Sr. Manager
University of Texas at Austin – Texas One Stop

We love that the platform includes appointment booking and queuing all in one tool. We are using it at our higher ed institution across many faculties and service units, and students have given us great feedback on their experience.

WaitWell User Higher Education

They are always there to answer the questions as quickly as possible, that’s the biggest change from the last product we had is that we get responses pretty much immediately which is nice when we have such a big institution and we’re trying to figure things out.

Jessica Rodriguez Associate Director
University of Texas at Austin – Texas One Stop

We have received positive feedback from our staff using WaitWell and we’ve worked through fine-tuning some of the configurations in our queues that make more intuitive sense for them. It has also provided our team with more insight to reporting on our service delivery.

Rhoda Ramos Senior Manager of Student Success Service Integration
George Brown College

WaitWell was super easy for our staff to learn. It helps us provide a better experience for students accessing our services, as well as allowing us to think about how to staff based on the types of inquiries we have. We used to have to train staff on everything to work the front counter. Now we can train them on one type of inquiry, and they can support our students.

Deb Little Director of Enrollment
Director of Enrolment Management