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Higher Education • Case Study

WaitWell helps the University of Texas at Austin’s one stop exceed student expectations

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The Texas One Stop at UT Austin

In August 2020, the University of Texas at Austin, home to a student population of over 50,000 students and a staff exceeding  21,000 members, established a centralized student services center. Recognizing the logistical challenge posed by its sprawling campus, comprising over 200 buildings across 423 acres, the university created Texas OneStop. This initiative aimed to consolidate and streamline student services, offering a comprehensive solution to meet the diverse needs of its student body.

This one stop transitioned to WaitWell following a trial period with another queueing solution. Dissatisfied with their previous system due to insufficient data insights, inadequate customer support, and a lack of customization tailored to their unique requirements, they decided to seek a more effective and adaptable alternative. The UT Austin- Texas OneStop has 37 full-time staff members, comprising both the leadership team and frontline personnel. Their responsibilities encompass assisting students on matters such as registration, financial aid, tuition, billing inquiries, etc.

“Our end goal is to make sure students are self-sufficient and enable our staff to be more productive, and WaitWell does that for us.” – Sejal Shah, Senior Manager,  University of Texas at Austin OneStop

The search for a new solution

In their search for a new queue management system, the Texas OneStop team was looking for advanced reporting and analytics, improved support, better 2-way communication, and enhanced customization options.

Their previous product offered limited reporting capabilities, particularly concerning student volume and ticket history. This meant they lacked insight into repeat student visits and the time/day of their last service. This information was crucial as staff aimed to discern which students required more assistance than others and to identify any associated trends.

Since its introduction at Texas OneStop in April 2022, WaitWell has not only met but exceeded their needs by offering over 25 reports covering service trends, ticket volumes, student behaviors, and more.

“WaitWell has been a solution for us as we haven’t been able to have consistent measurements of our volumes previously. The number one benefit for me that has helped us a lot is the plethora of reports available to us. I can go in and see what the volume was at a specific time and how long each agent took to complete each task. The actual sign-up is also really nice because students can say, “Hey, I’m on my way I’m walking across campus”, and we can put them on hold. It has been a savior for us.”  –  Jessica Rodriguez, Associate Director at Texas OneStop

The one-stop was also seeking a solution that provided extensive workflow customization and flexibility, which was crucial given the unique layout of their one-stop location. This includes multiple desks, rooms, and seating areas where students can seek assistance and various methods for joining the line, such as by phone, website, or kiosk. It was also important for the system to ensure that specific staff members would only handle designated service types, considering their diverse staff composition, which includes part-time students working there. Additionally, they desired the software to reflect the visual identity of their school, ensuring a consistent and familiar experience for students. This customization allows schools utilizing WaitWell’s software to integrate their brand colors, incorporate their logo, and utilize their preferred language in communications with students. Such personalization significantly enhances the overall student experience.

“WaitWell was able to customize a lot of things for us. Here at UT Austin, we’re really proud of our school. We have burnt Orange and Longhorns everywhere, so it was nice to be able to implement that into our program too.”  – Danielle Kaplan, Associate Director at Texas OneStop for Enrollment Services.

WaitWell was a breeze to implement, and the staff love it

Transitioning to new technology, despite its advantages, can pose significant challenges, especially when both staff and students are accustomed to the old methods. Recognizing this challenge, WaitWell ensured that the implementation process was as seamless as possible for all parties involved. By providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout the transition, WaitWell helped mitigate potential disruptions and ensured a smooth adoption of the new technology.

“WaitWell was a breeze to implement. The training did not take long for the staff, we had 30-minute training sessions for a few days and got everyone up and running very quickly. Technology is a big part of our one-stop just because there are so many tools and screens that staff need to look at. Our staff feel really comfortable and confident with the WaitWell software.”  – Sejal Shah, Senior Manager,  University of Texas at Austin OneStop.

Not only was the implementation seamless, but the staff also appreciated the transparency of WaitWell’s real-time dashboard. This feature allows them to monitor the number of students waiting, their reasons for waiting, and the duration of their wait, and WaitWell facilitates communication with them throughout their journey. As a result, staff stress levels are reduced, as there are no unexpected situations, and students arrive punctually and well-prepared.

In addition,  managers highly value the ability to train specific staff members in various service types, facilitated by WaitWell’s effective direction of students to appropriate desks. Previously, the common occurrence of students approaching the wrong desk caused congestion and slowed down service, which often led to frustration among both students and staff members, ultimately impacting the quality of service provided. This streamlined approach to training is particularly advantageous for incorporating part-time student workers into frontline roles.

“We’re grateful to be able to easily train our staff to do different service types on all different levels because of WaitWell.” – Sejal Shah, Senior Manager,  University of Texas at Austin OneStop.

Following implementation, the dedicated account managers at WaitWell have continued to support UT Austin, offering ongoing guidance to ensure the system’s continued success. Their commitment has played a vital role in upholding the efficiency and effectiveness of Texas OneStop’s operations.

“They are always there to answer the questions as quickly as possible, that’s the biggest change from the last product we had is that we get responses pretty immediately which is nice when we have such a big institution and we’re trying to figure things out.” –  Jessica Rodriguez, Associate Director at Texas OneStop

WaitWell has revolutionized the operational efficiency of the University of Texas at Austin’s OneStop since its implementation, meeting students’ expectations of exceptional service. Through its flexibility, clear communication with students, and ease of use, WaitWell has been able to reduce wait and service times, thereby freeing up valuable time for students and optimizing overall operational efficiency. Moreover, WaitWell’s comprehensive reporting capabilities have provided valuable insights into service trends, ticket volumes, and student behaviors, enabling decision-making and continuous improvement. WaitWell’s seamless implementation and ongoing support have been instrumental in streamlining operations at Texas OneStop, ultimately prioritizing student satisfaction and success.

“The biggest advantage is how students interact with your office. Having a system like WaitWell shows students that you care about them and that you want their service to be as seamless as possible. I think that if your school does not have a queueing system it should be something you look into because it changes the way your office works and how you serve students and their families.”  –  Jessica Rodriguez, Associate Director at Texas OneStop