migrating from a previous queue management system

Migrating from a previous queue system

Migrating from a previous Queue Management System (QMS) can be a daunting task for any organization. The process can be challenging and time-consuming without the proper support or team dedicated to customer success. However, with the right implementation plan and execution strategy, the benefits of migrating to a new system can far outweigh the potential challenges, increase efficiency and improve the customer journey.  

Preparing for the switch to a new QMS

Before migrating, assessing your current system’s performance and identifying its strengths and weaknesses is essential. Consider what functionalities are currently being used and what is lacking in your existing system. You may find that there are features that are no longer required or under-utilized and this presents an opportunity to evaluate the business processes and optimize them.

“The support team has been the best out of any other vendor I have experienced. It is just incredible. It’s been huge for us to be able to talk to someone and have our specific needs met since we are such a custom use case.” – Ryan Barajas, Langer’s Entertainment Center

Once you have identified the gaps, you can start researching and evaluating potential QMS systems that meet your organization’s needs. Look for solutions that have the functionalities you need and can integrate with your existing systems. Consider the time and cost of implementation and the ongoing support your desire. You may also want to consider the ease of use of the system, as well as how user-friendly it is for staff and visitors.

The implementation process

After choosing the new system, it is imperative to plan the migration and implementation process thoroughly. Developing a comprehensive project plan is crucial for successfully implementing any new system or technology. At WaitWell, we understand the importance of creating tailored implementation roadmaps for each client to ensure a smooth and efficient transition. This plan outlines the timeline, milestones, execution plan and configuration-specific information set to the certain client’s requirements and objectives. 

To create an effective project plan, the initial step is to gain a deep understanding of the client’s distinctive workflow and requirements. Our customer success team conducts in-depth meetings and discussions to gather all the essential information. In order to guarantee that our team receives all the crucial details from clients prior to configuration, we have devised a comprehensive checklist that serves as a structured guide. Our customer success team relies on this checklist to streamline the discovery process, ensuring that clients provide all the necessary information. By comprehending the client’s specific needs, our customer success team can develop a roadmap that aligns precisely with their goals and objectives.

“Switching from one queue management system to WaitWell is a seamless process. If data migration is required, our team of experts mitigate risk, mapping existing databases to WaitWell’s target database and automate the transfer of data points so that your records can be analyzed within the WaitWell platform. Once on the WaitWell platform, redundancies are in place to ensure that data is always accessible for data resiliency.” – David Campbell, Customer Success at WaitWell

Staff training is also a critical part of the implementation process. WaitWell facilitates staff training by conducting scheduled meetings for different staff roles where we review the client’s unique workflow and demonstrate how the new system will appear and function from their end. This training helps all users become familiar with the new system, understand its features and capabilities and ensure a smooth transition from the old system to WaitWell.

As with any migration or change, unforeseen issues may arise. It is essential to have a contingency plan in place and to communicate any changes or delays to staff, visitors and most importantly your Account Manager. At WaitWell, each client receives a dedicated Account Manager that ensures staff and faculty are trained on how to handle any issues that may arise during the implementation and for the duration of your contract. 

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“WaitWell is always there to answer questions as quickly as possible, that’s the biggest change from the last product we had is that we get responses pretty immediate which is nice when we have such a big institution and we’re trying to figure things out.” Jessica Rodriguez, Associate Director of UT Austin One-Stop 

Doing a performance assessment for your new queue system 

Once the migration is complete, it is crucial to assess the performance of the new system and verify its alignment with the organization’s requirements. Diligently monitoring the system’s utilization and identifying any potential areas for improvement improves efficacy. Additionally, periodically reviewing the system’s performance and gathering feedback from both staff and visitors can help to pinpoint areas for optimization and enhance the system’s functionality. If any issues or concerns arise, promptly notify your Account Manager or the individual responsible for your account.

“The speed and implementation was super easy as well. I cannot say enough good things about the team at WaitWell.” “They helped us manage the implementation, the app, and helped us through the whole process and the changes we requested.” – Tarik Belarbi ,  Customer Service and Project Management Director at Glentel

Migrating from a previous queue management system requires careful planning and execution. Assessing the existing system, selecting the right system, planning the implementation process, training your staff and ensuring that data is migrated correctly are critical steps to ensure a smooth transition. However, having the correct support and an Account Manager who is devoted to your success can expedite these steps.

While the process can be daunting, the benefits of migrating to a new system can be substantial, including improved functionality, increased efficiency, reduced staff stress and an enhanced visitor experience.

“WaitWell’s support has saved us through long weekends, staff holidays and even at night. The team has been super responsive and really fast.”  – Dustin Fransoo, Revelstoke Mountain Resort

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