Simplify scheduling with self-serve appointments

Save staff time and increase attendance with self-scheduled appointments and automated reminders.

waitwell appointment booking solution

Your customers want to schedule their own appointments, at their convenience.

When asked, 3/4 of customers say that they would prefer to schedule their own appointment online, rather than having to call the front desk. When self-scheduling is available, more than 30% of appointments are made outside of office hours. That’s because, just like your staff, your customers are busy too.

There are questions you want to ask and details you want to share with customers during the booking process. Perhaps those needs have prevented you from using self-scheduling in the past. With WaitWell, you can tailor the booking process for each service to ensure that customers are booking themselves in appropriately and you are collecting the details you need along the way.

Best of all, WaitWell Appointments integrates seamlessly with WaitWell Queue Management so your organization can offer the convenience of appointments with the flexibility of walk-ins.

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Free up staff time by allowing customers to manage appointments

Give customers the option to book, reschedule and cancel appointments at their convenience

  • Customers book themselves in through the link on your website
  • Appointment booking is available 24/7
appointments can be easily booked by customers using their mobile device

Tailor communication to service type to ensure customers arrive prepared

Customize email or SMS text communication templates with service-specific details

  • Save staff time – no more phone calls to check customer knows what to bring and how to prepare for their appointment
  • Appointment booking is available 24/7
quickly and easily communicate with customers on their mobile from the queue screen

Automate digital intake forms and waivers into booking and reminders

Create a unique workflow for each service type to ensure customers are scheduling themselves correctly

  • Create waivers and intake forms specific to each service
  • Insert waivers or intake forms into the booking process or include them in reminder emails or SMS texts
customers easily complete forms and waivers from their mobile devices

Integrate appointments with walk-ins

Customers reserve a spot for themselves at the front of the line by making appointment

  • Customers with appointments are added to your Queue once they respond to a confirmation of arrival text
  • Fill your schedule without crowding your waiting area
  • Combine the predictability of appointments with the flexibility of walk-ins to meet the needs of all customers.
easily hold your place in line using your mobile device

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