Better queue management and workflow for busy attractions

None of the lineups, all of the fun.

use a virtual queue to join a lineup at a busy event

Trusted by 400+ locations including these attractions:

Digitally transform operations to reduce wait times by up to 35%

Are customers frustrated once they reach the front of your line?

Nobody likes waiting, especially when they don’t know how long the wait will be. WaitWell eliminates lineups for many types of venues and gives guests the best experience possible. WaitWell eliminates lineups and lets guests move freely, so they can enjoy all that your venue has to offer.

Customers have several option to for joining the line or making an appointment:

  • QR code
  • website
  • SMS text
  • on-site kiosk
  • WaitWell app
  • staff member

Guests join the line remotely, or at an on-site kiosk. They can check the status of their position in line on their mobile devices and they receive a notification when it’s their turn. This gives them the freedom to use their wait time to have fun instead of wasting time standing in line.

Attractions see their average customer spend increase when guests can purchase food and beverages or spend money on games or shopping with they wait their turn for popular attractions.

WaitWell digitally transforms venues for a guest experience that customers won’t stop raving about.

64% of people find customer experience more important than the price of something.

hospitality 8 tips for waiting

8 Simple Tips to Make Waiting Painless

Practical steps you can take to improve the wait experience for your guests.

Reduce stress levels with the right tools

Long lineups and crowded waiting areas cause staff stress levels to rise. WaitWell reduces on-site waiting and eliminates lineups, creating a better working environment for service providers. WaitWell reduces stress by up to 77%.

Increase staff

Deliver customers to the right place, at just the right time. Intelligent workflows and automated communication means students arrive prepared, making service faster and more efficient. Reduce service times by up to 48%.

Get key insights into service operation

WaitWell makes service data actionable. Get real-time insight into service operations with the Dashboard. Uncover service trends with Reports & Analytics. Capture visitor insights with the Customer Reviews feature .

Telus Spark Science Centre eliminates lineups with WaitWell

“WaitWell has provided a very efficient and effective queue system for our business. People are able to freely explore the building while having the reassurance that there will be a spot for them.”

Attractions that use WaitWell experience:


reduction in wait times


reduction in no-shows


more efficient operations

Guests spend more time having fun and less time standing in line

Multi-channel join

You decide how visitors join your line. Options include join by SMS text, scan a QR code, join from home on desktop or use an on-site kiosk.

Automate updates

Your visitors will never have to ask, “How much longer?” Customize your status page with all the details customers need to know.

Two-stage wait

Set a capacity for your waiting area. WaitWell notifies visitors when there is space for them to wait inside so they are never frustrated.

Achieve load balancing

Even out the “peaks and valleys” of demand by letting visitors view the current wait times online so they can plan the best time to arrive.

waitwell hold
waitwell appointments

Combine the flexibility of walk-ins with the convenience of appointments

Free up staff time

WaitWell makes it simple for visitors to make, change and cancel their own appointments, even outside office hours. Save hours of staff time each day.

Fill schedules, not lobbies

WaitWell combines the predictability of appointments with the flexibility of walk-ins. Fill open time slots with walk-in visitors. Serve more visitors every day without filling your waiting area.

Self-serve check-ins

Visitors with appointments respond to a text just before they arrive. This adds them to the front of the line, and makes sure staff know what work is in front of them.

Automate reminders

Decrease your no-show rate with automated appointment reminders. Cut average service time by using tailored communication templates to make sure visitors arrive prepared for service

Automate workflow to make work less stressful for staff

Replace sticky notes

WaitWell Notes means staff can share critical details with co-workers without having to leave their computer. Keep everyone on the same page.

Put visitors on hold

Sometimes customers arrive unprepared . With WaitWell, you can put them on hold and they can put themselves back in queue when they are ready.

Transfer tickets

WaitWell makes it simple to transfer tickets to the service provider best able to help. You can even transfer tickets between locations.

Splash Pages

Put key messages in front of customers when they join by adding a splash page to the kiosk or join page. Use for urgent notices, advertising or cross-promotion.

service type queue

Improve operations with actionable service data

Customer reviews

Track visitor feedback by service provider, service type and location. Feedback is attached to ticket history, making these ratings and reviews actionable. View and sort reviews by region.

Real time dashboard

Get real-time data that managers can use to see staff performance and customer experience at-a-glance. View data for one location or aggregate by region.

Sort & Export

All data is sortable by service provider, type, location and region. Filter by date or time range for exact reporting to line up with your assessment period. Export to .csv or talk to us about our integrations.

Powerful reports

WaitWell makes it simple to uncover trends related to service times, wait times, ticket volumes, balk rates, no-shows, cancellations and much more.

Connect with customers like never before with Customer Insights

Two-way SMS text

Send and receive in-app or SMS messages from customers before, during or after service. Staff send and reply to messages directly from the queue screen.

Waivers & Intake Forms

Automate and streamline collection of information you need to complete services efficiently. Set up workflows to triage clients and collect information specific to selected service.

View Visitor Details

Context is important when providing great service to your customers. WaitWell allows staff to see ticket history for the current visit as well as historical data.

Customized communication

Tailor communication based on service type, service stage, time and location with automated notifications. All of our communication templates are fully customizable.

Customer Insights
waitwell-ticket history

WaitWell has been running very smoothly. It creates a really easy experience for our guests, especially parents who have small kids waiting to play because they can walk around and wait for us to text them when it’s their turn”

Camelia ursu, Employee at telus spark

Your customers and staff can have fun!

Customers and staff rave about our many intelligent features, all in one intuitive interface. 100% of staff report they are able to master WaitWell in 15 minutes or less. Get in touch today to see how your location can digitally transform with WaitWell.