Why choose WaitWell?

Learn why WaitWell is in a class of its own when it comes to digitizing service delivery.

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WaitWell offers the most advanced cloud-based enterprise queueing and booking solution on the market.


Service is our middle name

We take the time to understand your business so that we can create a workflow that will optimize operations. We have a tried and true process for onboarding new accounts. And we know that operations change, so we are always here to help you with revising your workflow as your needs evolve.


We offer customizable workflows for different locations

WaitWell is unique because we are able to offer completely unique, tailored settings for different locations within one account. For example, a University may have one workflow for the Student Admissions office and completely different workflows for Campus Tours, the IT Support Desk and the Bookstore.


We are built to scale

Whether you have one location or hundreds of locations, WaitWell is the right service workflow solution for your business. Our platform is designed to make set up simple, regardless of the number of locations.


100% North American data residency and support

WaitWell was developed entirely in Canada and we continue to do all of our research and development locally. We offer US or Canadian data residency, depending on the needs of your organization. Our support team is located in Canada., available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


Data privacy and security you can trust

We know that every organization has its own data privacy policies. These policies vary according to industry and jurisdiction. We make it easy for Admins to determine how long data is stored for. We can also anonymize personal information so your organization can benefit from deep data insights while maintaining privacy of individuals that use WaitWell at your location. We also offer multiple permission levels and make it simple for Admins to designate what data different permission levels can see and edit.


Workflow functionality to automate and track tasks

Digital queueing is where we started, but our platform has moved well below queue management. Our rich feature set allows you to design an ideal customer workflow that ensures an optimal customer experience every single time.


All the data you will ever need

Many organizations start using WaitWell to get rid of lineups. They soon discover that the data insights are powerful. We don’t make our customers pay for reports. In fact, we are always adding new reports.


You’ll be up in running fast

At WaitWell, we like to say, “Fast is our way forward.” Our process, from customer discovery to staff training, can be done in less than 4 weeks for an Enterprise client and in as little as a couple of days for a smaller location.

Curious about our onboarding process? Have a look at our Onboarding Guide.