Effortless events

with WaitWell EventMode

Manage capacity and admittance at-a-glance

Your customers don’t want to wait in line

The best events are when people are enjoying themselves. One thing that can turn your customers away are long lineups. People said that they would wait an average of 22 minutes before abandoning the line and 95% would rather wait in a virtual lineup.

With WaitWell, your customers can wait from anywhere and arrive just in time for admittance. A unique QR code is sent out to each attendee when it is there turn, and disabled once they are scanned. This ensures that the capacity in your venue is always accurate and there is only one person per ticket.

Capacity limits are controlled in the WaitWell system and automatically notifies guests when there is room for them in the venue. This puts your staffs’ minds at ease so they can focus on what’s important. Plus, customers always know how long their wait time is.

With WaitWell, customers can join the line through:

  • Unique QR code
  • Mobile device
  • Kiosk

Automatically send out unique QR codes

  • QR codes are sent out to each visitor when it is their turn
  • A unique QR is created for each guest
  • QR codes are disabled once they are scanned, ensuring there is accurate capacity in the venue at all times
waitwell eventmode

Manage your capacity with the click of a button

  • Control how many people are in your event space at a time
  • Move customers to next waiting stage automatically
  • Place people on hold if they need more time
  • Prioritize visitors so they don’t have to wait

Communicate with your guests directly

  • Chat with your guests in line before and after service through SMS
  • Automate communication templates
  • Send out mass communication to everyone waiting in line
  • Ask your customers to review their experience after they leave

Gain deep event insights with service analytics

  • View all of your operations in real-time ie; current wait times, service times, capacity etc.
  • Monitor event and staff performance
  • Collect, measure and analyze customer feedback
  • Export data to .xls or use one of the popular integrations from our growing API library.

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