Who We Are

Developed to address the fact that people hate lineups and lineups drive customers away, WaitWell quickly evolved into a multi-faceted QMS and business intelligence tool. We elevate customer experience by eliminating lineups everywhere.

Our commitment to customer success is what makes us different. Transitioning from a physical lineup to a virtual queue is a fundamental shift in how an organization interacts with its customers. At WaitWell, we are experts in supporting organizations through this change.


WaitWell’s goal is to turn a billion customers into raving fans by eliminating lineups everywhere. We help our clients build exceptional businesses by developing tools that facilitate efficiency and communication.


We believe that exceptional customer service at every point along the customer journey is the foundation to a successful business. We want your customers to arrive for service and never feel the frustration of a lineup nor the uncertainty of how long they will need to wait. Communication is key to any successful relationship and WaitWell provides the tools to stay in touch every step of the way.


At our core, we are a human company. We know that solving business problems means understanding how humans think and function. Empathy helps us to understand challenges and frustrations that affect organizations and the people they serve. We never stop trying to make things better and we live by the phrase, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

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Calgary, Alberta Canada

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