Effective digital transformation of your service workflow starts with a great plan

Let WaitWell tailor a queue workflow for you. And launch within a week.

WaitWell was founded on a core belief that great service is possible in every environment. It just requires a deep understanding of the problem, a solid plan, and the right workflow management tools.

Whether we are working with a sole-proprietor or a national retail chain with thousands of locations, we follow the same tried-and-true implementation process to ensure an optimal onboarding experience. Our automated tools and personal attention mean you can be up and running faster than you ever imagined.

waitwell support team



We meet with your team to better understand your goals and your business processes. We will ask a lot of questions. We want to understand how your operations work now and how you want them to work.



Using the insights we have learned about your operations, we design and build a workflow that is tailored to your organization. Whether you want appointments, walk-ins or a combination of the two, we ensure that the automated task sequencing and customer communication hits all the right notes.


Share & Reiterate

We meet with your team to walk you through the first draft of your workflow. You will get a chance to experience WaitWell as an end user, a staff member and an administrator. We take your feedback and refine any areas where you see a need for improvement.



Once we have finalized the workflow, we hand things over to your administrators to test with their teams.



We organize training sessions for staff who will be using WaitWell to manage customer interactions on a daily basis. We do separate sessions for admins who need to know how to manage users and change settings.



Going live with a brand new system can be a little stressful. That’s why with WaitWell, we ensure your Account Manager is available on go-live day to assist with any unexpected issues or questions.



During the first days and weeks, your team will identify opportunities for improvement. We will work with you to optimize your workflow and ensure all communication settings are functioning correctly to enhance staff and customer experience. And as your organization’s needs evolve, the WaitWell team is always here to help you adjust your workflow.

10 out of 10 support, every issue has been addressed in a prompt fashion and to our satisfaction.

Matthew carleton, Regina Police services

We sincerely appreciate all the support and amazing work of the WaitWell team. Thank you so much again for your prompt responses and quick resolutions to issues. It is such a pleasure to be working with WaitWell!

Annie wu, business analyst and project manager at Glentel Inc.