Get rid of lineups. Serve more customers.

1. Place a sign outside your business with your unique QR code.

2. Customers scan the QR code and enter their name and phone number to join your line.

3. Your staff use the WaitWell queue screen in their web browser to manage the lineup.

4. WaitWell alerts customers when it’s their turn to come inside.

5. Your lineup moves smoothly. Your waiting room is never crowded.

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WaitWell makes it simple for customers to skip the waiting room by using their mobile device to join a line remotely. It’s also a robust and intuitive tool to help your team optimize their workflow and gain powerful insights into the customer journey. It’s the end of the line.

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Sample virtual queue

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What can queue management do for my organization?

  • Cut wait times

  • Reduce customer abandonment

  • Improve customer loyalty

  • Boost online reviews

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