WaitWell Queue Management streamlines service delivery for appointment or walk-in service at government offices

Government offices are known for long lineups and people expect to have to stand in a queue for government services. However, expectations are changing and all levels of government are working hard to deliver a new level of convenience and responsiveness. WaitWell is a powerful tool that puts visitors to government offices in control of their visit.

They can book an appointment ahead of time or join the queue for walk-in service. Either way, they get text notifications keeping them informed about their position in line and estimated wait time so they can move freely and use the wait time productively. Visitors appreciate being able to work, shop or do errands while they are waiting, rather than standing in a physical lineup. This helps to prevent crowding in waiting areas, which can help to reduce the transmission of COVID 19 and also reduces stress levels for frontline workers.

8 Tips to Improve the Waiting Experience at Government Offices

Waiting is a fact of life and people expect to have to wait for service when accessing government services at a DMV, municipal office or Passport office, for example, However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t way to make waiting better for people. Long and frustrating wait experiences create short-tempered customers who often vent their frustrations on the front-line service providers delivering services on behalf of the government. By making the wait better for customers, we also support a better working environment for service providers.

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Registry @ South Trail Crossing exceeds customer expectations with WaitWell Digital Queue Solution

WaitWell Digital Queue Solution helps Registry @ South Trail Crossing with customer management and satisfaction.

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