WaitWell line management software ensures physical distancing measures are maintained in waiting areas by allowing customers to wait comfortably at home, in their vehicles or in shopping centres

Posted by Shannon Vander Meulen

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Calgary, Alberta — October 6, 2020 — WaitWell Inc. announces the launch of WaitWell line management software. WaitWell software eliminates crowded waiting areas and long queue times, which are two factors known to elevate the risk of transmitting COVID-19. With its unique approach to letting customers join a virtual line by SMS text and with its one-of-a-kind occupancy management feature called two-stage waiting, WaitWell software not only creates the safest queueing approach possible, but also gives users control over their wait experience.

Quote about why customers love WaitWell line management software

Customers can wait in the comfort of their homes or vehicles, or they can take care of errands so that they remain productive while waiting. This is possible because WaitWell software provides real-time status updates by SMS messaging to let customers know their place in line, along with an estimated wait time that is accurate to within 90 seconds. If customers miss their turn, they regain their place at the front by simply replying to a text.

“We used to have people standing within inches of each other in a long line that would completely crowd our lobby,” says Ivy Young, Manager at East Calgary Registry. “To keep people safe during COVID, we had no choice but to ask them to remain outside. However, nobody likes waiting in bad weather, so we needed to find a better solution before winter arrived.”

“Since implementing WaitWell, customer frustration from waiting has disappeared. People appreciate knowing how long their wait will be and how the line is progressing. It lets them put that time to good use, like picking up some groceries or running errands,” says Ivy Young.

WaitWell software’s unique two-stage waiting feature controls how many people are waiting inside at one time. With the ability to manage their occupancy limits, business owners can ensure that there is enough space for physical distancing measures to be implemented effectively. This keeps customers and staff safe, while allowing lines to flow smoothly and efficiently.

“It is critical to our economy that businesses remain open during COVID-19 and the best way to make that happen is to create solutions that support proper physical distancing measures,” comments WaitWell founder, Shannon Vander Meulen. “We invented WaitWell software to maintain safe waiting areas, while also keeping customers coming through the doors as quickly as possible.”

Line Management Software Video

Watch a short video that introduces you to how WaitWell line management software works.

Product Features

  • Touchless check in
  • Two-stage waiting
  • Multiple Queues
  • Broadcast Alert to all clients in line
  • One-on-one text messaging to individual clients in line
  • Optional lobby kiosk
  • Website widget to join queue
  • Lobby display
  • Hold feature to secure place in line
  • Dashboard for real-time overview
  • Reports and Analytics to identify trends over time

Pricing and Availability

WaitWell software is available across Canada and the United States. A subscription to WaitWell software starts at $199/mo for the Basic package, which is ideal for businesses that manage a single virtual line. For businesses needing multiple virtual lines or that want advanced reporting and analytics, the Standard package starts at $299/mo.

About WaitWell

WaitWell Inc. is a software company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Founded on the principle that time is a valuable asset, its focus is providing software solutions to time management problems, while helping diversify the Alberta and Canadian economies by exporting software solutions.


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