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WaitWell appointment scheduling earns GetApp recognition for excellence

WaitWell has been recognized as a Category Leader in Appointment Scheduling, courtesy of GetApp, a prominent online service that assists organizations in evaluating and comparing top-notch software solutions.

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According to GetApp, Category Leaders are the cream of the crop among North American software products, as determined by end-user ratings in five crucial areas: ease of use, value for money, functionality, customer support, and likelihood to recommend. WaitWell remains committed to enhancing user experiences and delivering outstanding value to its customers and end-users, and this recognition in GetApp’s Category Leaders rankings is a testament to this dedication.

Comprehensive customer service optimization

Appointment scheduling is a key component of WaitWell’s comprehensive service optimization solutions, including queue management, event management, and service workflow optimization. With satisfied customers across various sectors, including public service, higher education, hospitality, and private health, WaitWell shines wherever people typically endure waiting times, making service interactions more seamless for customers and staff. It also equips organizations with valuable insights into service operations, facilitating an optimal guest experience and informed business decisions.

Appointment scheduling with virtual queue management 

Without a seamless platform that integrates appointment scheduling and virtual queue, busy service locations with appointment and walk-in options, from health centers to student service offices at universities and government offices, often face severe operational challenges. Such common issues are crowded waiting rooms, confusion regarding priorities, inefficient staff allocation, difficulties tracking customer flow, and scheduling conflicts.

WaitWell appointment booking solution makes it easy for customers and students to self-schedule reschedule and cancel bookings

With WaitWell’s all-in-one offering, organizations get:

Streamlined customer flow: Organizations that use WaitWell perfectly balance scheduled appointments and walk-ins. This means no more overcrowded waiting rooms, as appointments align seamlessly with the virtual queue, optimizing the flow of customers.

“We had our best general admission revenue day on the 4th after we dialed in using your system. The rock climbing wall experienced a utilization surge of 118.621%” – Parker Vogt, General Manager at Langer’s 

Enhanced priority management: WaitWell’s system eliminates the confusion surrounding priorities. It ensures that those with appointments are seamlessly incorporated into the queue, maintaining fairness while prioritizing those who need it most.

“We are no longer dealing with patients telling us that they arrived first or asking us how much longer they must wait. WaitWell has solved the issue of patients constantly calling the office during our busiest hours to see how long the wait will be. Now they can simply send a text to join our line. I have been working at this clinic for over 11 years now. This process has made it easier for staff to check in patients while also continuing to work on other tasks. ” – Agnie Machin, University Reproductive Associates Clinic Manager

Efficient staff allocation: WaitWell helps the business allocate staff based on the incoming appointments and the virtual queue, ensuring that resources are used efficiently. No more overstaffing or understaffing issues.

“WaitWell’s task automation is taking so much mental load off of our employees. Now they can just focus on doing their job.” – Ryan Barajas, Marketing Manager at Langer’s 

Real-time customer flow tracking: WaitWell provides real-time insights into customer flow, allowing service locations to adapt and respond promptly to changing conditions. This eliminates the guesswork and ensures a smooth operation.

“It’s really useful just knowing what’s going on in your operations. It’s really helpful to be able to look at everything going on day by day.” – Danielle Kaplan, Associate Director at Texas One Stop for Enrollment Services

photo of danielle kaplan from texas one stop shop

Conflict-free scheduling: Scheduling conflicts become a thing of the past. WaitWell ensures that appointments are booked in a way that aligns with staff availability alongside walk-in traffic, preventing scheduling mishaps.

“We have found the levels of detail for managing the appointment availability feature has been really helpful to us, so that we can figure out what max-capacity is in a given day. We can ensure that we don’t have more students than we can accommodate, this is really helpful as it enables us to manage our traffic and volumes.” – University of Manitoba

Real-world benefits of appointment scheduling software with fully customizable customer flow capabilities

WaitWell’s appointment scheduling, combined with queue management and customer flow solutions, has delivered tangible results for organizations like the Regina Police Service (RPS). By automating and integrating appointment scheduling and walk-ins, WaitWell provided RPS customers with a virtual queue system, leading to a remarkable 48% reduction in service times, a 66% decrease in no-shows, and a remarkable 77% reduction in staff stress.

front desk agent prioritizing next customer

Matthew Carleton, Business Systems Analyst at RPS, praised WaitWell, saying, “WaitWell has enabled our Police Service to take control of our customer interactions while providing actionable data and reporting to optimize service delivery, all in an affordable package.”

Why do organizations choose Waitwell?

Exceptional service commitment: WaitWell invests in understanding its customers’ businesses to enable tailored workflows that ensure their success. This commitment starts with an efficient onboarding process and continues to adapt to evolving needs.

Customizable workflows and scalability: WaitWell offers unique, customizable settings for different locations within a single account, catering to diverse operational requirements. Whether for single-location or multi-location businesses, the platform ensures a seamless setup process, regardless of scale.

Data privacy and security: Developed entirely in Canada, WaitWell offers data residency options across Canada and the US. It empowers administrators to manage data storage, anonymize personal information, and configure permissions, ensuring compliance and privacy

Robust workflow functionality: WaitWell provides comprehensive workflow functionality, from digital queuing to virtual meetings, customer flow integrations, and operational analytics. This allows clients to design an ideal customer experience.

See what our customers on GetApp have to say:

“Waitwell team is easy to work with. They understand their product, offer multiple solutions to meet business problems, and have the service delivery context. Developers move quickly and produce enhancements are available multiple times a month” – Jennifer C.

“WaitWell is fully fleshed out and considers not only our business but the end user. It allows us to focus our time and energy on providing excellent customer service and less on managing customers.” – Ryan B.

“Our overall experience has been very positive. We are less than a year out – but I am looking forward to seeing a year’s worth of statistics and the ebbs and flows in our traffic.” –  Kate Y.

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