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Transforming the appointment and queue management system at Ottawa Airport

This airport authority partnered with WaitWell to enhance the efficiency of the appointment booking and queue management system at their Customer Service Center.

Almost three million passengers went through the Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport in 2022. As one of Canada’s busiest airports, it was important for the Ottawa International Airport Authority (OIAA) to optimally manage the inflow of people at its Customer Service Centre.
Improvements were necessary for the queue and appointment management system to ensure top-notch customer service.

For this, OIAA turned to WaitWell. The priority was modernizing these operations in the Customer Service Center, fostering improved efficiency and overall service quality. Within a few months of starting with WaitWell, just as anticipated, the center was able to achieve better processes, reduce wait times, and enhance the overall client experience.

Enhancing the client waiting experience with a robust virtual queue software

The OIAA’s Customer Service Centre plays a pivotal role in providing a range of essential services to airport clients, including pass issuance, parking, and access control. Ensuring efficient queue management while enhancing the client waiting experience was a pressing concern. The OIAA needed a solution that would not only reduce staff workload but also offer clients a more pleasant waiting experience while providing valuable insights into service times and types. Amidst this challenging environment, OIAA turned to Waitwell as a crucial tool in navigating and optimizing operations. 

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The WaitWell solution

WaitWell’s dedicated team worked closely with the OIAA to develop a tailored solution aligned perfectly with their unique requirements. Since May, over four thousand clients who have gone through the WaitWell system at the Customer Service Centre have had an optimal experience.

Implementation and rapid transformation

WaitWell’s solution is incredibly easy to implement and requires minimal infrastructure, making it a quick setup for organizations that choose WaitWell. 

With just an internet connection and, in the OIAA’s case, a Smart TV for display purposes, the system was up and running in a matter of days. WaitWell’s account management played a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless transition, offering quick responses to questions and addressing any requests promptly.

“We were able to implement, and regularly adjust a system that meets evolving needs within days of signing up with WaitWell.” – Francois Courtemanche, Director, Security Operations, Ottawa International Airport Authority

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Managing the hiring surge

In the aftermath of the pandemic, OIAA and many others in the airport industry witnessed an unprecedented hiring boom, bringing both opportunities and challenges. The surge in demand for talent placed immense pressure on passport offices nationwide, triggering a substantial increase in workload and pressure for the team working in the Customer Service Centre.

“Waitwell has helped us manage this surge, as well as track the increased workload on the team which in turn led to us making informed HR decisions related to finding appropriate staffing levels.” – Francois Courtemanche, Director, Security Operations, Ottawa International Airport Authority

Results stemming from the integration of WaitWell’s queue management system

The integration of WaitWell’s queue management and appointment booking system at the OIAA’s Customer Service Centre yielded a series of impressive results:

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: WaitWell significantly reduced the workload for the staff by automating queue management. This ensured clients were served promptly and improved overall service efficiency. Since implementation, OIAA has reduced customer wait times by 41%.

Elevated Client Experience: Clients at the OIAA now enjoy a vastly improved waiting experience. With real-time updates and notifications from the WaitWell system, they can utilize their waiting time more effectively, making their overall experience more enjoyable.

Data-Driven Insights: WaitWell’s solution provided the OIAA with valuable business analytics relating to service times and types. This data empowers the OIAA to make informed decisions, optimize their operations, and continuously improve their services.

“I have used [the business analytics] to determine when to have more staff on duty (peak times etc), as well as support business cases for increased staffing. – Francois Courtemanche, Director, Security Operations, Ottawa International Airport Authority

Seamless Appointment Booking: The OIAA recently introduced appointment booking, and the process was seamless. Clients and staff have universally embraced this feature, allowing for convenient scheduling of services, reducing waiting times, and increasing client satisfaction.

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As summarized by Francois Courtemanche, Director, Security Operations, Ottawa International Airport Authority, “WaitWell has reduced work time for the staff, allowed clients to better utilize their waiting time, and provides us with valuable business analytics relating to service times and types.  We have recently gone live with appointment bookings, and the process has been seamless and universally positive for all stakeholders.”

WaitWell is the ideal partner to achieve operational excellence

The OIAA enthusiastically “recommends the services of WaitWell for any company looking to simplify the way that clients wait in line. Their solution is user-friendly for both the staff and the end user.” By being a user-friendly solution and flexible to specific needs, WaitWell remains an ideal partner for organizations seeking a more efficient way to manage queues and appointments.

The collaboration between the Ottawa International Airport Authority and WaitWell again demonstrates how innovative customer flow solutions can incredibly change the face of customer service in service-oriented organizations. By adopting WaitWell’s user-friendly system, the OIAA improved operational excellence while enhancing the client experience.

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