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You’re too busy to keep track of who’s next

Simple waitlist solution to manage lineups, so you don’t have to

Let customers move freely while they wait

With WaitWell, your guests always know their position in line and estimated wait time, so they can move freely while they wait. The best part? They never have to ask, “How much longer?”

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two way sms messaging

Your customers have quick questions. Give them quick answers.

Two-way SMS communication means you can be more responsive to customer needs than ever before

Free up staff time by letting customers add themselves to your waitlist

Let customers add themselves to your waitlist. WaitWell takes care of letting customers know when it’s their turn so your staff don’t have to.

Join the Line
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Notify the next guest in line with the click of your mouse

WaitWell’s simple staff interface makes it easy to see everyone in the queue. Increase or decrease priority, send messages and share details with co-workers, all from one simple screen.

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View operations in real-time with the service dashboard

Administrators need real-time insights . The WaitWell Dashboard lets you know how many people are waiting, how long service is taking and how many customers have been served.

Support is our superpower

Change is never easy, but our customer success team is with you every step of the way to ensure that your transition to WaitWell is smooth sailing.

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Customers join your waitlist from your website or by scanning a QR code in your waiting area.


Automated status updates and two-way SMS texting keeps customers informed.


Automatically alert customers when it’s their turn for service with one click of your mouse.

Trusted for ease of use and outstanding service

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Let’s talk about how WaitWell can transform waiting in your business