A virtual queue to replace your lineup

Reduce wait times by up to 35% with the most advanced virtual queue solution available.

waitwell queue management

Happier customers.

Happier staff.

More efficient operations.

Long lineups drive customers away.

WaitWell virtual queue solution brings them back.

Physical lineups are a source of frustration for customers. Many people will go out of their way to choose a location with a shorter wait time. But it’s not always the wait time that’s the problem. People are busy. They want to use their wait time productively. They don’t want to waste time standing in line.

Lineups are also a problem for staff. It’s a challenge for workers to focus on the task at hand when there is a crowd of people staring at them. Not to mention that customers sometimes take their frustration out on service providers after standing in line for a long time.

WaitWell virtual queue eliminates the frustration that queues cause for customers and staff and provides administration with powerful insights into service operations.


less on-site waiting


more efficient operations


reduction in staff stress levels

WaitWell has provided a very efficient and effective queue system for our business. People are able to freely explore the building while having the reassurance that there will be a spot for them.

Brandon Lam, Telus spark science centre
telus spark virtual queue 2

Customers add themselves to your virtual queue

You decide how you want customers to join your line.

  • Customers scan a QR code or send an SMS text to join by mobile
  • Place a link on your website so customers can join the line from home
  • Add an on-site kiosk to your lobby
  • Staff can add customers from the queue screen
customers add themselves to virtual queue

Staff assign themselves customers

Staff can view all customers in line from the Queue Screen.

  • Browser-based interface – no queue management software install is required.
  • Staff can assign tickets to themselves or other team members
  • Easily view ticket details including time in queue and service required.
easily view ticket details and service metrics from the queue screen

Communicate with customers in line with two-way messaging

Answer quick questions from the digital Queue Screen

  • Customers send and receive messages by SMS text or two-way messaging within the browser or app
  • Easily respond to quick questions without interrupting service
quickly communicate with customers on their mobile phone

Prioritize customers with higher-needs within the virtual queue screen

Serve customers with accessibility issues or urgent service needs first

  • Manually increase or decrease ticket priority
  • Automate priority based on service type for services that need to be addressed urgently
  • Easily view ticket details including time in queue and service required.
prioritize customers based on your workflow to ensure prompt service

Keep customers updated on current wait time

With the browser-based WaitWell queue management software status page, customers never have to ask, “How much longer?”

  • View position in line and estimated wait time
  • Send and receive messages to staff
  • Request more time by placing themselves on hold
  • Remove themselves from the line by selecting Cancel
customers can see their current wait time and queue position when using waitwell

Make your virtual queue accessible to everyone with a self-serve kiosk

Use the WaitWell app on your own tablet or let WaitWell supply a kiosk for your busy service location

  • Intuitive interface
  • Customizable display to reflect your workflow and brand
  • ADA compliant
  • Optional ticket-printer
kiosk makes virtual queue accessible for visitors without mobile phones

Share important service details with team members within the virtual queue screen

Save customer from having to provide the same information twice

  • Place notes on tickets to share service-specific details with team members
  • Edit service type and other service details
notes with key information on the type of service a customer needs are attached electronically to their ticket

Know your customers’ needs before service starts

Get the information you need to anticipate your customers’ needs

  • View virtual queue ticket history related to current visit, including join time, wait time and all communication with client
  • Click on History to see details of previous visits, including dates, service types and service providers
quickly view a customers previous visits to gain insight on their experience

Transfer customers to the virtual queue at another location

Customers never have to wait in line twice

  • Transfer tickets from one location or queue to another within the Queue Screen
  • Re-assign tickets to another service provider
  • Include notes that other service providers and locations can see to provide a congruent experience for the client
transfer clients to another location so they do no need to get into another queue when they arrive

Place customers on hold so they don’t lose their spots

Customers never lose their position in line

  • Place customers on hold from the virtual Queue Screen
  • Alternatively, customers can place themselves on hold by selecting “I need more time”
  • Customers re-join the line by selecting “I’m ready”
  • Customers regain their position in line – no need to wait in line again
Hold your place in line if you need more time

Integrate appointments and walk-ins

Combine the convenience of appointments with the efficiency of walk-ins

  • Customers schedule and manage their own appointments from your website
  • Automate appointment reminders
  • Customers are automatically added to your queue when they confirm they have arrived at your location
  • Customers with appointments are prioritized over walk-ins
appointments and walkins are integrated into one dashboard for staff

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