Get deep insights with service analytics

Make better decisions to support service delivery with actionable data.


If service matters, it should be measured.

When it comes to your website, you are data rich. You know how many customers visit, what times of day they visit, and where they come from. You know if they leave without completing a purchase and how often those visitors return at a later time to do more research or complete a purchase.

WaitWell provides the same level of business intelligence for in-person operations. Our industry-leading service analytics provide deep insights into service operations to support better decision making.

We work with all your favourite tools

  • Sort service operations data by service type, location, service provider, date range and more.
  • Export data to .xls or use one of the popular integrations from our growing API library.

View all of your service operations, in real-time

  • View by location or aggregate by region or entire organization
  • Make quick decisions about resource allocation to respond to service needs
  • Monitor staff performance
  • Provide immediate feedback
waitwell service analytics

Monitor performance of multiple locations, remotely.

  • Service times by location
  • Service times by service provider
  • Ticket volumes by location
  • Ticket volumes by service provider
analytics and reports offer valuable business insights at a glance

Make better decisions about resource allocation and pricing with service analytics

  • Service time by service type
  • Wait time by service type
  • Balk rates by service type, date and time
waitwells in depth reports showing opportunities to optimize business

Collect, measure and analyze customer feedback

  • Attach customer review requests to customer communication templates
  • Sort customer ratings and reviews by location, service type, service provider and more
  • Follow up with staff and customers to improve service
customer service reviews and ratings

Pinpoint when long wait times are driving customers away.

  • Track peak wait times against balk-rate with targeted service analytics that report on KPIs
  • Identify opportunities to retain customers by increasing staffing levels
  • Develop strategies to prevent customer walk-aways
business data is readily available in easy to read reports and graphs

Identify areas of improvement for team members

  • Assess and compare service times by service type for individual staff members
  • Track ticket volumes by contributor
  • Monitor trends in customer ratings and reviews that point to training opportunities for service providers
training opportunities are easily spotted using graphs and reports

Monitor service operations remotely

  • Use the free WaitWell Apple or Android app to track service performance from anywhere
  • Set up alerts to notify you when waitlist or service standards are exceeded
  • Interact with customers in line remotely
virtual queue dashboard on a mobile device

East Calgary Registry increases sales by 16% with WaitWell

“Before we started using WaitWell, we didn’t have the full picture of customer demand. We relied on point-of-sale data to help us predict demand when hiring and scheduling staff. Now that we use WaitWell, we understand when our ability to fulfill demand is getting in the way of increasing our sales, so we can make better hiring and scheduling decisions .”

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