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Go beyond queue management with a solution that optimizes student services across all departments

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Your campus is a busy place

It is no secret that universities are under pressure to deliver better service to more students each year. Staff are maxed out trying to meet the needs of students.

Students are like customers. If they are unsatisfied they will take their cheques elsewhere. With so much competition between universities, student retention has never been more important.

WaitWell is your one-stop shop for all of your service delivery and workflow management needs, making the lives of students and staff better.

Students have several options for joining the line or making an appointment:

  • QR code
  • Website
  • SMS text
  • On-site kiosk
  • WaitWell app
  • Staff member

Colleges and universities that use WaitWell experience:


more efficient operations


less staff stress


decrease in student wait times

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“WaitWell gives students and clients an easy way to join queues and/or make appointments, while decreasing wait times and improving service.”

Torsten Prues, IT Infrastructure Services Manager at NAIT