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WaitWell propels service organizations to new efficiencies, saving over 4 million hours

20 million users in Canada and the United States have saved over four million hours combined.

Wole Olayinka • June 18, 2024 • Read time: 2 min

WaitWell saves 4 million hours

As organizations in healthcare, higher education, government services, and retail strive for exceptional service, technology becomes essential. An all-in-one queuing and booking platform, WaitWell has enabled service for over 20 million users in Canada and the United States. It has also saved these customers over four million hours combined, illustrating the significant impact of technology on efficiency and customer interactions.

WaitWell has seen first-hand an increasing trend of high-profile organizations adopting advanced queue, appointment, and customer workflow solutions; Nevada DMV and Emory Healthcare are examples of such organizations that have recently adopted WaitWell. This reflects the growing recognition of technology’s role in superior service, ensuring a seamless customer and staff experience.

WaitWell has also seen this trend across organization sizes, from small, to midsized, and enterprise. Many of these organizations specifically seek WaitWell because of the complete package, unlike systems that force a compromise between features, flexibility, or service.

“WaitWell has enabled our Police Service to take control of our customer interactions while providing actionable data and reporting to optimize service delivery all in an affordable package,” said Matthew Careton of Regina Police Services. Danielle Kaplan of the University of Texas at Austin appreciated how “It was just easy. We were able to get up and running shortly and we haven’t had any issues with it.”

WaitWell continually improves its offerings to align with the growing commitment to excellent service. According to WaitWell CEO, Steve Vander Meulen, “We are constantly updating the platform with features that provide a more intuitive and efficient user experience, to continue meeting the evolving needs of service organizations. We design and redesign our range of features to continue to improve customer convenience, empower staff, and boost operational efficiency.”

Another reason for WaitWell’s success in supporting organizations to new heights in service efficiency is customization and flexibility which is at the core of the platform. These enable organizations to tailor the solution to their unique needs. Industry-specific solutions are also available to cater to sectors such as healthcare, higher education, government services, and retail, ensuring every organization can create a bespoke service experience.

WaitWell understands that four million hours saved is just scratching the surface, billions more are still being squandered on inefficient service. As technology rapidly evolves to provide solutions, service organizations must remain open to selecting the best tools that drive them toward service efficiency.