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Case Study

Modernizing access to motor vehicle services with WaitWell

A busy motor vehicle office modernized, shifting to WaitWell virtual queues. Customers joined lines from home or on-site using a QR code or kiosk.

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East Calgary Registry receives 600% more Google Reviews in only one month

East Calgary Registry wanted to boost their brand reputation and improve communication with their customers. This registry in Calgary increased their sales by 16% in one year, and added 1695 Google Reviews. With WaitWell, customers are simply invited to leave a review after their visit.

Business Challenge

Online reviews can help to boost a brand’s reputation as well as online search ranking. Positive reviews have the power to create trust in an organization, and negative reviews can quickly drive customers away.

Google reviews are a free way for small businesses with little to no advertising budget in developing a powerful online presence. The key is getting people to leave reviews; generally people will leave a review when they are highly dissatisfied or when they are delighted by the service they have received.

“Having more Google reviews and a higher Google rating means customers trust us more, and that means more business for us,” said Ivy Vuong, Manager at East Calgary Registry.



When the COVID pandemic hit in 2020, East Calgary Registry started looking for a solution to its queueing issues. They wanted a solution that would manage capacity in their waiting area and allow visitors to keep track of their position in line using their mobile devices. They began using WaitWell in August 2020.

The East Calgary Registry team realized right away that the WaitWell solution did more than just manage lineups – it also showed customers how much they cared and allowed them to address customer concerns and staff training needs more effectively.


In the first month of using WaitWell, East Calgary Registry received 68 Google reviews. This is an increase of over 600% from the number of reviews it had received just the month before. Two months later, East Calgary Registry started using WaitWell to add a follow up text that goes out automatically to customers an hour after their visit. In this text, East Calgary Registry includes a link to its Google Business listing, inviting clients to leave a review. Providing this link on mobile means clients literally just have to click once, hit a star and press “submit”. This takes all the friction out of the process.

East Calgary Registry gets 33 times more reviews with WaitWell

The follow-up text inviting visitors to leave a Google Review helped East Calgary Registry to add 1,695 Google Reviews in the first year, compared with just 50 reviews in the previous year before East Calgary Registry started using WaitWell. This means that East Calgary Registry increased the total volume of Google reviews by 3,300%. In other words, WaitWell helped East Calgary Registry to get 33 times more Google Reviews simply by sending customers a text thanking them for their visit and including a direct link to the Google Business page.

East Calgary Registry serves 16% more customers with WaitWell

Garnering reviews has helped East Calgary Registry to increase its organic Google search engine ranking, which has helped to increase both in-person visits as well as online transactions. In fact, East Calgary Registry saw an increase of 16% in the total number of transactions and customers served in the first year that they used WaitWell.

The contribution to the bottom line is even more impressive: East Calgary Registry experienced a 33% increase in net profit in the first year of using WaitWell compared with the previous year.

“Before we started using WaitWell, we didn’t have the full picture of customer demand. We relied on point-of-sale data to help us predict demand when hiring and scheduling staff. Now that we use WaitWell, we understand when our ability to fulfill demand is getting in the way of increasing our sales, so we can make better hiring and scheduling decisions,” comments Ivy Vuong.

Excellence in Customer Care

While more reviews and higher ratings are important, achieving excellence in customer care involves acting on the feedback provided by Google reviews. WaitWell helps the ECR team to follow up with customers after they leave a Google review because staff can refer to the ticket log and CRM to see the client’s history – not only on the most recent visit, but other visits as well.

With this information, they are able to better understand the context around negative reviews and work towards correcting them, one customer at a time. In cases where a negative review trend appears on a specific day, managers can trace that to a staff member and offer enhanced training. Similarly, positive reviews are shared with staff, and this boosts morale.

WaitWell supports East Calgary Registry in addressing staffing issues, communicating with customers, and praising staff for a job well done.”

-Omar Abou Shaleh, Assistant manager at east calgary registry