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Veterinary • Case Study

WaitWell helps Clever Canines with better customer feedback

Clever Canines improved customer feedback by eliminating lines with WaitWell, allowing staff time for quality feedback even during peak pickup times.

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Dogs in a room - veterinary clinic

Doggy Daycare in Calgary decreases in-person lineups by 50%

Clever Canines struggled to manage pickup and drop-off times for their puppies and manage time appropriately. Before WaitWell, staff felt rushed and they did not have enough time at the end of the day to give adequate feedback to dog owners about their dog’s progress. Clever Canines has improved overall efficiency by 30% and has had a 50% decrease in lineups.


Clever Canines believes that understanding canine communication and signals unlocks a dog owner’s potential to have a positive relationship with their dog. They help dog owners in Calgary, Alberta to achieve that freedom through their award-winning Clever Canines DaySchool program.

The work that the Clever Canines team does with the dogs while their owners are away is only half of the magic. It’s critical that the Clever Canines DaySchool trainers have the opportunity to provide important feedback at the end of the day about each dog’s progress and insights. Trainers have gleaned throughout the day so that dog owners know how they can best support their dogs’ development at home.

Business Challenge

Since most pups get picked up during a short window of time at the end of the day, Clever Canines found it challenging to have enough time with each dog owner to deliver this essential feedback. When COVID hit, they had to ask customers to stand outside while waiting their turn to pick up their dog. Knowing that standing outside waiting isn’t comfortable, staff felt pressured to rush through each pick-up without leaving time for dog owners to absorb key learning points and to ask questions. The Clever Canines Founder, Tracie Nelson says, “If we succeed in delivering a five star experience for our clients, then we succeed in creating an emotional impact through our service, and we succeed in enabling dog owners to experience freedom.”

WaitWell SMS notification alerts dog trainers when owners arrive for pick up

While Clever Canines initially chose WaitWell to manage the end of day pup pick-up rush hour, WaitWell was also able to help with another challenge. During the day, the dog trainers are focused on working with the dogs to develop skills and they are not always able to actively monitor the door. Clever Canines reached out to WaitWell to see if there was a solution.

Joe Scorgie, the Clever Canines Owner says, “Using WaitWell has really helped Clever Canines to optimize the end of day pick up. It’s a really important time of day for the dogs and their owners, and we need to make the most of that interaction we get with owners. WaitWell helps us to keep our focus on providing quality feedback so that dog owners can build upon the work we are doing at DaySchool.”

WaitWell supports Clever Canines in achieving its mission to help dog owners experience freedom

While Clever Canine’s operations are more or less back to normal, they continue to use WaitWell to manage those end-of-day pup pickups. WaitWell helps them to achieve their mission of helping dog owners to experience freedom. For Clever Canines founder Tracie Nielson, the connection between delivering exceptional customer service. It is all about over-delivering on client expectations and WaitWell provides a powerful tool for them to deliver that exceptional experience.

Simply meeting client expectations is three star service at best. To achieve four or five star service, we need to constantly be asking “what else can I do…?”

Tracie Nielson, Clever Canines founder