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Healthcare • Case Study

Avantia Medical Imaging & Restorative Health clinic gives patients the “VIP experience” with WaitWell 

Avantia Medical Imaging Clinic faced typical operational challenges of a busy healthcare facility. To improve patient experience and streamline administration, they used WaitWell to reduce wait times, decrease waiting room crowding, and boost overall efficiency.

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Avantia Medical Imaging Clinic, a premier provider of advanced medical imaging services, encountered operational challenges typical of a busy healthcare facility. To improve the patient experience and streamline administrative processes, Avantia sought a transformative solution to address long wait times, reduce crowding in the waiting room, and enhance overall efficiency. This proactive approach demonstrates Avantia’s commitment to delivering exceptional patient care.

The challenge

Overcrowded waiting room and administrative strain

Before implementing WaitWell, Avantia’s waiting room frequently experienced high patient volumes, which impacted overall patient satisfaction. The clinic’s administrative staff managed numerous patient inquiries and appointments both in person and over the phone, handling the busy environment with dedication. However, the high volume of activity sometimes posed challenges in maintaining the highest standards of service, occasionally leaving patients frustrated and resulting in negative reviews.

The WaitWell solution

Improving waiting room experience for patients and staff

In July 2023, Avantia decided to implement WaitWell to address its challenges. The transition was seamless, with staff quickly and easily adopting the new system. WaitWell has transformed Avantia’s service quality and patient experience by allowing patients to join the line from home or scan a QR code on-site and wait wherever they prefer. This has significantly reduced chaos in the waiting room, creating a more pleasant environment for both patients and staff.


“Patient confidence in our services has increased dramatically. They are constantly telling us that they love that they can wait their turn in line from the office or home while getting regular and accurate updates about their appointment time. WaitWell has been a game changer for both our patients and for us.” – Gregory Davies, President, Avantia Medical Imaging & Restorative Health

Elevated staff efficiency and patient preparation

WaitWell has also been a game changer for staff. Instead of manually calling and messaging patients when it’s their turn, WaitWell keeps them informed with accurate wait times and essential information throughout their journey. This automation allows staff to focus on other tasks without constant interruptions. Additionally, Avantia can now attach a mandatory digital waiver when patients join the line, ensuring they are always prepared for service upon arrival. avantia-health-clinic This system informs staff of each patient’s needs and important details in advance, making it easier to triage and prioritize more urgent cases. This not only decreases wait times for patients but also enhances overall efficiency.

“Having WaitWell manage our patient queue has reduced the amount of time our admin staff are interacting with patients both on the phone and in person. Our waiting room is no longer full of frustrated patients. They now arrive within minutes of their appointment, are taken in quickly and are out the door feeling like they’ve received the VIP treatment.” – Gregory Davies, President, Avantia Medical Imaging & Restorative Health

Improved patient feedback and reviews

With patients experiencing what feels like VIP treatment during each visit, Avantia has seen a significant surge in positive Google Reviews like this one:

“The option to book in online was perfect for me since the wait time was 60 minutes for walk-ins. I could book online while at the office, continue to work, while getting updates on “minutes left for my appointment”. This was so convenient for me and I would recommend this clinic to anyone on a busy schedule.” – Lynn Russett, Google review, June 2024


WaitWell also directly facilitates reviews by simplifying sending post-visit messages to patients, with a link for them to leave a Google Review.

“Before WaitWell, our Google reviews were populated with mostly negative reviews populated by those few patients with a negative experience. We were at fault by not having a system to connect with all patients after their exams. Not only does WaitWell set up a positive experience by allowing patients to show up just minutes before their exam, but it also reaches out to all the patients immediately post-treatment. The result has been that both the number and quality of reviews we have received has gone up, at least, 10 fold.”  – Gregory Davies, President, Avantia Medical Imaging & Restorative Health


The implementation of WaitWell at Avantia Medical Imaging Clinic has not only transformed patient experience but also significantly improved operational efficiency. By allowing patients to join the queue from home and arrive just in time for their appointments, WaitWell has eliminated the frustrations associated with long waiting times and crowded waiting rooms. Avantia’s experience with WaitWell demonstrates the importance of adopting a patient-centric approach, demonstrating how technology can revolutionize healthcare service delivery and foster a more positive, efficient, and satisfactory patient experience.