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Seamlessly manage appointments with WaitWell’s new Microsoft Outlook integration

WaitWell integrates with a wide range of software solutions, enhancing your workflow with popular tools and platforms.

Cassidy • October 30, 2023 • Read time: 5 min

WaitWell is excited to announce our new Microsoft Outlook integration.

Juggling client bookings and internal staff meetings using separate systems can be challenging. Previously, staff had to reserve specific time slots in WaitWell, marking themselves as unavailable when they had previous commitments for client-facing meetings. Now, thanks to the integration of Microsoft Outlook, your team no longer needs to manually adjust their schedules across multiple calendars to communicate their availability for customer appointments. This seamless integration between WaitWell and Outlook offers an impactful solution that boosts staff efficiency and elevates the overall customer experience.

Here’s why you should consider using this integration to improve staff experience and productivity:

Unified Scheduling

This innovative calendar integration lets you align your WaitWell appointments and virtual meetings with your personal or professional Outlook calendar, and vice versa. No more double-booking or manual calendar entries. This integration consolidates all of your commitments in one place.

microsoft outlook integration with waitwell

Streamlined Communication

One significant advantage is the streamlined communication. When a meeting is booked, it instantly appears in your Outlook calendar. If a meeting is rescheduled or canceled, these changes seamlessly reflect in your Outlook calendar, eliminating back-and-forth emails and phone calls.

In summary, the new integration provides:

  • Time efficiency: Eliminates the need to input data into two systems manually.
  • Optimized efficiency: Increases overall efficiency by coordinating appointments within a unified system.
  • Error reduction: Minimizes scheduling errors and misunderstandings.
  • Enhanced communication: Simplifies communication for a clear schedule.
  • Data consistency: Ensures information accuracy across both systems.
  • Clarity and simplicity: Makes scheduling clear and straightforward.
  • No missed opportunities: Ensures you never miss important engagements.
  • Accountability: Easier appointment tracking and accountability.
  • Reduced stress: Reduces the anxiety and stress of juggling separate systems.

WaitWell pairs with all of your favorite tools

WaitWell integrates with a wide range of software solutions, enhancing your workflow with popular tools and platforms. From Salesforce to Google, WaitWell works harmoniously with your tech stack, providing a unified and comprehensive solution to streamline your operations.

To learn more about Microsoft Outlook or other API integrations, please contact our sales team.