WaitWell Inc. unveils its newest module, Virtual Meetings

Customers have the choice of in-person, phone, or video chat service. Staff can see preference on queue screen and provide services accordingly.

Cassidy • December 21, 2022 • Read time: 5 min

man talking to staff member on his computer
Virtual meetings product images in foreground with girl on computer.
Award-winning SaaS company WaitWell Inc. adds Virtual Meetings to its
ever-expanding list of capabilities.

WaitWell Inc., a service delivery and workflow solution provider, announced today that they have added a Virtual Meetings module to their software. This new release means that staff members can meet with customers from anywhere, providing full accessibility and seamless integration with WaitWell’s core features.

WaitWell is a Canadian company founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2020. It has continued to grow into a robust, award-winning solution, improving service delivery for over 600 locations and over 6M users. It has saved over 1.3 M hours of customer wait time and has decreased service times by up to 48% for many institutions including universities, police and government offices across North America.

With the new Virtual Meetings module, customers can now benefit from the utmost convenience and accessibility when receiving service. Organizations can now expand their services to meet with people from around the globe or even just save travel time for customers in their own backyard. Giving your customers the option to meet online or by phone means fewer cars on the road and a smaller carbon footprint. It also gives customers the ability to stay home if they are ill, keeping everyone safe.

The Virtual Meetings module enables service organizations to serve customers anytime, anywhere. WaitWell continues to evolve to support our customers in digitally transforming service operations.”

— Steve Vander Meulen, CEO and Co-Founder of WaitWell Inc.

WaitWell prides itself on making the lives of staff members easier and stress-free; this new module is no exception. Staff members simply click on one button on their screen to join a virtual meeting or give the customer a call when it’s their turn. All of WaitWell’s core features including appointment scheduling, queuing automation and tailored SMS communication integrate seamlessly with this new module.

With Virtual Meetings, customers have the choice of service in-person, by phone or through video chat. If the service type is offered by all three mediums, the customer simply chooses their preferred way when they join the queue. Staff can see this preference represented on the queue screen with an icon.

If a customer prefers a video call, a unique link is automatically sent to each customer when it is their turn to speak with a staff member. This removes the stress of manually sending out meeting links in an email, taking up precious staff time. The link is only valid until the end of the meeting and people will not be able to join the meeting multiple times, putting organizations’ privacy first. If a customer prefers a phone call, the staff can view their phone number in the ticket details and give them a call when it’s their turn.

The Virtual Meetings module is now a permanent part of the WaitWell software solution. Customers can learn more about the feature by visiting the WaitWell website.