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Episode 6: Donnovan Simon

Shannon • April 2, 2022 • Read time: 4 min

Don’t leave staff on an island

Donnovan Simon is a customer success and process expert. He joins Shannon to talk about what has changed in customer success and what remains the same, customer experience in the age of social media, why creating processes that drive success yields benefits in the long run and what organizations can do to really set their frontline staff up for success.

Donnovan has been a passionate advocate for the customer in every organization he has worked for and has written two books on the topic: Social Media Equals Social Customer: Managing Customer Experience in the Age of Social Media and The Way You Make Me Feel: 20 Lessons in Customer Service. Donnovan also writes about leadership and employee engagement.

Donnovan and Shannon talk about what has changed in the world of customer success and what has remained the same, and how any organization can simply define customer success in their context by focusing on the value they bring to their customers. They discuss the effect of social media on the relationship between organizations and their customers and the future of social media in the area of customer service. Donnovan outlines what businesses can do to ensure that their frontline workers are delivering the kind of experience to customers that they want to really represent their brand and why it all comes down to compensation, investment in people & culture and providing staff with the tools, throughput and data they need to be successful in their roles. 

Donnovan Simon is on LinkedIn.

Donnovan Simon is the author of four books, all of which are available for purchase on Amazon:

Social Media = Social Customer

Employee Engagement – 5 Ways to Get Your Team Plugged In

Becoming the Best Manager You Can Be

The Way You Make Me Feel