Three ways your clients can join the virtual queue

at home from your website


from their
mobile device
on site from the optional
check-in kiosk

Put customers in control of their wait experience

  • Clients join your smart queue by SMS text, QR code or optional kiosk or weblink
  • No app download required
  • Customers monitor position in line and estimated wait time on their mobile devices
  • No-show holding queue so clients never lose their place in line
  • Two-way SMS text messaging with clients in line to keep communication open
  • Customers can move freely and use their wait time productively
  • They get an SMS text when it’s their turn for service

Provide customers
with a delightful
waiting experience

Imagine your customers joining your line from anywhere and arriving just in time for service.

With WaitWell, customers join your online queue from home, on their mobile device or using your self-serve kiosk and use their wait time to work, shop or relax. They can move freely and wait anywhere because WaitWell keeps them updated on their progress in line and alerts them when it’s time to make their way over to your waiting area. Your line moves smoothly, but your waiting area is never crowded.

Customers control their waiting experience using the SMS app or web browser on their phone – no app download required. They can view their position in line and estimated wait time from your customized status page, meaning they never have to wonder, “How much longer?” And if they do miss their turn, they can easily regain their position in line. Two-way SMS text communication means your team is in constant contact with customers from the moment they join your line.


  • Simple staff interface – 93% of staff report mastering WaitWell in 15 minutes or less
  • Prioritize tickets and put customers on hold from the queue screen
  • View COVID waivers and staff notes from the queue screen
  • Send and receive SMS texts from customers in line


Waitwell is the
most complete
queuing system
driving efficiency
and powering
customer experience.

Our powerful queue management system optimizes workflow and reduces staff stress levels.

WaitWell’s simple control centre means your virtual queue management system can be up and running within minutes. From the queue management screen, staff can view and manage all tickets in the queue. They can prioritize customers in the smart queue and place notes on tickets to share information with team members. The service type selection feature means staff can select customers they are best trained to serve, creating a positive experience for customers and reducing staff stress levels.

Management use the powerful QMS Dashboard to see service operations in real-time, including customers in the queue, customers being served, average wait time for the day, and much more. It’s simple for managers to add staff members and re-configure workflow and communications within the Settings function, meaning that your queue management workflow can adapt as business needs change.


Eliminate Lineups


Let customers join your smart queue and move freely, eliminating lineups and managing capacity within your waiting area.

Optimize Workflow

Service type selection means customers are always called by the staff member best able to serve them.

Enhance Communication

Two-way SMS texting with customers from the queue screen ensures customers feel connected with you from the moment they join the line.

Resource Centre

Our award-winning SMS queue management system is supported by a team that is passionate about customer success. Explore our resources to ensure a successful transition to a smart queue management app.

8 Tips to Make Waiting Painless for Your Customers

It’s not always possible to eliminate waiting altogether. Yet, waiting is a source of frustration for most people. Luckily, there are steps you can take that can dial down the annoyance factor and win you some points with your customers at the same time.

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