WaitWell delivers powerful business insights to support customer experience excellence

Real-Time Dashboard

With WaitWell’s unique Dashboard, organizations can see service delivery by location or by region – in real time! Get at-a-glance insight into customer wait times, service times, ticket volumes and more.

Reports & Analytics


Dive deeper to uncover trends that affect business performance and customer experience through WaitWell’s reports and analytics. Explore service times, ticket volumes, delivery time by service, customer wait times, balk rates and more.



Our full-featured CRM allows organizations to get a deeper understanding of the customer journey by tracking and viewing previous visits and service history.

Real-time Dashboard Shows Queue Progress and Activity

  • Ticket volume and status
  • Wait time and service time
  • Charts showing hourly performance trends
  • Filter by queue, walk-in service and appointments
  • Toggle history to quickly see previous days

Get the information you need to answer your “Why” questions

Providing your customers with the best possible experience is vital to long-term success. To make that possible, you need insights into everything from their wait time to how long it took to complete their service. By implementing the WaitWell queue management platform, you digitize your customer’s journey, letting you benefit from our system’s comprehensive set of tools and reports.

With our advanced reporting tools, you also have the ability to identify trends and anomalies. This leads to the insights you need to answer questions like, “why are customers leaving”, “why is service taking so  long”, and “why are some days better than others?” Answering your “why” questions is part of the WaitWell advantage. It’s what helps you turn customers into raving fans.


WaitWell supports the delivery of customer experience excellence by providing organizations with insights into the customer journey and service delivery performance.

Resource Centre

Our award-winning SMS queue management system is supported by a team that is passionate about customer success. Explore our resources to ensure a successful transition to a waiting line management app.

Guide: Customer Experience

Download this guide to learn how you can quickly improve customer experience for your business.
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