WaitWell’s unique solution controls crowds at large scale events and venues

Visitors join a line from the venue’s website or by scanning a QR code or sending an SMS text on site using their mobile devices

Visitors monitor their wait time on their mobile device and receive a text with a QAdmit ticket when it’s their turn to enter the venue

Gate attendants use the WaitWell staff app to scan visitors’ QAdmit tickets to automatically manage capacity and advance other visitors through the line

Visitors add themselves to the queue by QR code, SMS text or on your website

  • No app download required for guests
  • Guests move freely while they wait
  • Status update on mobile for monitoring position in line
  • Guests receive an SMS text with link to QAdmit ticket when it’s their turn to enter
  • Eliminate lineups
  • Allow guests to enjoy other attractions on site while they wait

Increase customer enjoyment and provide more opportunities for guests to spend money while they wait to enter popular attractions.

Lineups are a source of frustration for guests, but they also don’t help venues. While customers are standing in a line with their wallets in their pockets, they can’t enjoy other attractions or installations on site. WaitWell allows guests to wander freely while they wait.

The results? They feel that they haven’t wasted any time at all standing in line and have the chance to see more of your event. They can grab a snack, play a game or purchase merchandise while they wait to enter the more popular attractions.

WaitWell Staff App

The WaitWell staff app is available for download from the Apple iTunes or Google Play store. The app allows staff to scan the QAdmit tickets of visitors. This allows venues to admit hundreds of visitors per hour. WaitWell keeps track of the number of people in the venue so that capacity can be maintained and guests are automatically advanced through the queue.

Increase Profit

When visitors are standing in line waiting their turn to enter the most popular attraction, they aren’t spending money on other attractions or merchandise at your event.

Eliminate Lineups

WaitWell delivers happy customers to the right place, at the right time. No need to set aside space for long lineups – your guests can wander around the event while they wait.

Manage Capacity

WaitWell keeps track of how many visitors are inside the venue and automatically advances tickets through the virtual queue as other visitors leave or are scanned into the venue.

Resource Centre

Our award-winning SMS queue management system is supported by a team that is passionate about customer success. Explore our resources to ensure a successful transition to a waiting line management app.

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