Appointments help you to allocate resources optimally. Walk-ins are convenient for customers. With WaitWell Appointments and Virtual Queue, you can fill every time slot without crowding your waiting room. Get the best of both worlds with WaitWell Queue Management.

Appointment booking your customers will love to use

  • Simple appointment booking on mobile or desktop
  • No app required
  • Appointment reminders by email or SMS text
  • Automatic reminders & instructions prior to each appointment
  • COVID Waivers & Intake forms
  • Customers check themselves in by replying to confirmation text when they arrive

Customers book an appointment from their computer or mobile device.

10 minutes before their appointment, they receive a text asking them to confirm when they have arrived.

After they confirm arrival, customers are added to the front of your virtual queue, which staff can manage from one simple screen.

Put your customers in control of managing their appointments and free up staff time for other tasks.

Whether your business is by-appointment-only or walk-in, WaitWell can help you to organize workflow, control capacity in your waiting area and optimize efficiency. WaitWell can also seamlessly integrate an appointment calendar with a walk-in queue for the best of both worlds.

Allow customers to book and manage their own appointments from your website or by scanning a QR code outside of your waiting area. Set appointment reminders by text or email and include any special reminders, instructions, COVID waivers or intake forms. WaitWell will automatically send a text 10 minutes prior to the appointment, asking the customer to confirm when they have arrived. Once they reply to the text, they are added to your virtual queue.

WaitWell Appointment Software

Manage appointments and walk-ins in one place

  • View appointments by day, week or month
  • Find and manage appointments easily with the integrated CRM
  • Check customers in and view COVID waivers or intake forms
  • Customers with appointments add themselves to the queue as they arrive

With WaitWell queue management and appointment scheduling, your schedule is full but your waiting room is never crowded.

WaitWell optimizes workflow by delivering customers to the right place, at just the right time. The result? Happy customers, increased productivity and improved staff engagement. With WaitWell, customers are in control of managing their own appointments or adding themselves to your virtual queue, which frees up your staff’s time so they can focus on providing a customer experience that delights, every single time.

WaitWell’s appointment app makes it simple for organizations to streamline in-person visits so they can stay busy and productive, but without long lineups and crowded waiting areas.

Free Up Staff 

Put customers in control of managing their own appointments. Customers can make, reschedule and even cancel their own appointments, freeing staff up to do other tasks.

Fill Schedule

Allow customers to book themselves in 24/7 instead of limiting them to making bookings during your opening hours.

Manage Space

WaitWell keeps track of the number of people in your waiting area so your staff doesn’t have to.

Resource Centre

Our award-winning SMS queue management system is supported by a team that is passionate about customer success. Explore our resources to ensure a successful transition to a waiting line management app.

Guide: Customer Experience

Download this guide to learn how you can quickly improve customer experience for your business.
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