The WaitWell lobby check-in kiosk is everything you need to keep your lobby running smoothly

What if your customers don’t have a mobile device with them? Or what if they are unfamiliar with using apps and SMS for check-in? In those cases, your customers can use the lobby check-in kiosk to join the virtual line. They simply type their name on the tablet and take a seat. What’s more, the fully integrated kiosk includes a 27-inch monitor. This lets you show the virtual line using the WaitWell lobby display app. As a result, your customers always see their place in line. It’s so intuitive, that your customers join the queue and monitor their status without disrupting your staff. This means that your service keeps flowing and your lobby runs efficiently.

check-in kiosk for WaitWell line management software

The WaitWell Check-in Kiosk for Lobbies

Intuitive Self-Serve Check-in.

The kiosk comes with four components. The first is instruction signage. Next is a 27-inch monitor that displays the virtual line. Third is a sign-in tablet that's secured to the kiosk. Last is a lockable cabinet for storage. It's intuitive design empowers customers to check themselves in. This benefits your staff by reducing workload, so they keep focused on delivering great service.

Secure and Mobile.

The 10.5-inch tablet is secured to the counter with a mount that provides 360-degree swivel options. The 27-inch monitor is also securely mounted to an adjustable arm. You can adjust its height and swivel it's position with ease. All cables are neatly organized and safely stored. What's more, the cabinet can be mounted on wheels, letting you move the kiosk inside or outside of your lobby.

Easy setup and integration.

The WaitWail kiosk comes pre-configured with all the equipment you need. It's compact shipping makes transportation simple. What's more, it's slim design makes setup quick and easy. After you put the pieces together, you simply plug it in and connect it to your wireless network. WaitWell also offers affordable installation services.

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