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Our customers have different ways of using the WaitWell line management system. This range of use means that we’ve heard all kinds of questions about three different areas of the software. The first is the range of features and how they work. The second is about different ways to adjust lobbies and workflow. The third is about setup and installation. Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions and answers supplied by our support team.

The WaitWell line management system has a unique holding queue feature. It ensures your customers never lose their place in line. If your customer isn’t in your lobby when it’s their turn for service, then the system sends them a text letting them know that their place is being held. When they arrive, they text “2” to the system. This removes them from the holding queue and places them next in line for service.

WaitWell uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the estimated wait time. This algorithm is extremely accurate. Our tests show that the standard deviation from the stated wait time is as little as 90 seconds.

Yes. WaitWell makes it easy to stay in touch with your waiting customers. Just select the menu next to their name. There are a range of options for youw to interact with that customer. One option is to send a customized text message.

Yes. The WaitWell line management system uses a powerful algorithm to determine wait times. It is setup to provide an estimated wait times for each unique virtual line. This is important because your services might vary by time to complete or complexity. Isolating the wait times means your customers get the best accuracy. The services that take longer won’t impact the wait time for faster transactions. 

Yes. You can adjust the number of people that can wait in your lobby at any time. What’s more, if you make a change on the fly, then WaitWell software adjusts in real time. This means your customers new wait time will adjust automatically. 

The WaitWell line management system was design with this situation in mind. Your agent places a note on the client’s virtual ticket and places them on hold. When the client returns, they text “2”. This places them at the top of the line. They can be served by any agent because of the note that was left on the ticket or they can be assigned to the agent that was helping them previously. 

Yes. WaitWell let’s you increase or decrease the priority of any customer. You select the menu option next to their name to adjust their priority. You can move them to the top of the line or to any place in line. This lets you give them service in any order that’s required.

No problem. The WaitWell line management system has an Alert feature. This lets you send a text to all clients in line about the temporary disruption to your service.

WaitWell software lets you setup your business hours and holiday hours in the settings menu. This will ensure your clients can only join the queue when your open for service. If they try joining the virtual line outside of your hours, then they get a text informing them that you’re closed. You can even customize this message.

Yes. All text messaging services come from an SMS service provider. They are similar to the service provides for your mobile device. If you exceed the volume of text messages that come with your subscription, then you will receive a SMS usage invoice. The incremental cost is pennies per customer. You also have an option to purchase monthly Add-On texts. Some customers choose this option because they regularly use more than what comes with there package. The Add-Ons will cost less per text than the overage invoice.

Yes. Our sales team will work with you to ensure you get the best value for your subscription. We do this by looking at four things. The first is the features that you need. The second is the number of services you require. Third is the number off locations you might have. Last is the amount of text messages you’ll send. 

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Do you have more questions about WaitWell software?

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