The WaitWell line management solution eliminates long queues and crowded lobbies.

The WaitWell line management solution provides many unique features that deliver the kind of benefits you need. Therefore, you will better manage your queues, give your customers the best wait experience and improve business performance. Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page.

three ways to check-in with WaitWell line management software

Three ways your clients join the virtual queue

At Home from your website

Install the WaitWell website widget and let your clients join the line and see the estimated wait time from their home.

From their mobile device

Your clients can simply text their name to your unique WaitWell SMS number to join the queue from anywhere. Or they can point their camera at a QR code provided by the software.

On site from the check-in kiosk

Your clients can join the queue on location by adding their name to the fully integrated WaitWell check-in kiosk.

features for the agent screen of WaitWell line management solution

The main Queue screen is where agents manage the virtual line. It's easy to learn and simple to use.

Simple three-button agent control

Easily assign the next customer, place them on hold or add a new customer to the queue.

Visualize and prioritize

Prioritize clients as required from any of the three stages; those in the lobby, those outside and those being served.

Two-Stage waiting

keep your lobby uncrowded but ready with enough clients to keep the line moving and your agents productive.

No-show holding queue

Whether customers check-in at home or on location, they never lose their place in line.

the WaitWell line management solution dashboard screen

The Dashboard shows results from your line management solution in real time

Charts and graphs

Charts let you see live results at any moment while graphs let you compare results over the course of the day.

Critical data points

The dashboard shows how many clients are waiting, how many have been served, number of no-shows, average wait time, average service time and more.

Date and agent toggle

Easily toggle between different days of the week, as well as the Agent performance dashboard

the WaitWell line management solution reports and analytics screen

Reports and analytics provide the insight you need to make data-based decisions

Customizable reports

There are eight report types that you can customize with different graph types, locations and service queues.

Assess performance

The dashboard shows how many clients are waiting, how many have been served, number of no-shows, average wait time, average service time and more.

Monitor agent productivity

Easily toggle between different days of the week, as well as the Agent performance dashboard.

the WaitWell line management solution configuration screen

Other unique features of your WaitWell line management solution

Multiple queues and locations

Setup multiple queues for each of your service types. This ensure your clients wait for staff with the required skills. You can also establish multiple locations from a single subscription.

COVID-19 Waivers & Occupancy Management

Create and share a COVID waiver with your clients and ensure everyone entering is as safe as possible. You can also establish occupancy limits and group sizes to make sure physical distancing requirements are maintained.

Customizable SMS text messaging

WaitWell provides a range of SMS templates that you can customize to reflect your service types and brand. You can also send individual text messages on the fly or broadcast alerts to everyone waiting in line.

The WaitWell line management solution provides service-based businesses with tools that maximize results while also providing their customers with a delightful waiting experience

physical distancing for COVID causes problems in lobbies
Better manage COVID requirements with a line management solution

It's never been more important to maintain physical distancing, yet our lobbies weren't designed for the amount of space this requires. WaitWell solves this problem by letting customers wait elsewhere without losing their place in line.

without line management software clients wait out in the bad weather
Keep clients out of weather & crowded wiating areas

Whether your weather is too hot or cold, wet or dry, you never have to worry about customers being exposed. With your WaitWell line management solution, they can pass the time in the comfort of their home, vehicle or local shopping center.

line management software makes customers more satisfied
Improve customer satisfaction

With increased communication through our customizable SMS system, you can share important details with clients, keep them up to date on their place in line and send alerts to all those waiting if necessary. With more satisfied customers, you can expect to see an increase in 5-star reviews.

line management software provides dashboard data to make better decisions
Gain insights and make better decisions

With WaitWell's dashboard, you gain real-time information about the size of your line, average wait times and staff performance. This helps you make decisions on the fly. WaitWell also provides a range of reports and analytics from which to spot trends over time. These insights will help you run your business with data-driven decisions.

reduce staff stress with line management software
Reduce staff stress and increase productivity

By reducing long lines and giving your customers a better wait experience, you significantly reduce the amount of stress that can be felt by your staff. Not only does this help you retain valuable employees, but it also ensures customers receive friendly service. What's more, staff can view their reports to see valuable data that can help them be more productive.

adding multiple queues and locations with WaitWell line management software
Manage multiple queues and locations

For businesses with more than one type of service or multiple locations, WaitWell let's you setup multiple virtual queues for all of your offices. This let's you prioritize aspects of your business while also ensuring the right staff are assigned to services requiring specialized skills. All off your virtual queues and locations are managed from a single subscription.

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