Retail Lineup Frustration Drives Customers Away

It’s no secret that lineups drive customers away and cost retailers money. In fact, 75% of retailers report losing business to wait-related issues. According to a whopping 70% of retailers, 5 minutes or less is how long the average customer will wait to be served before abandoning the purchase and leaving the store. This is literally money walking out the door, and customers who may never return.

This is exactly the problem that WaitWell solves. Whether it’s a lineup at a big box retail store, a pharmacy or a bike shop, if your waiting for service happens at your store, WaitWell can help to make sure those customers don’t give up on their purchase.

5 minutes or less is how long the average shopper will wait for service before abandoning a purchase.

Time Trade, 2013 Retail Survey

Make waiting painless for customers

8 Tips to Make Waiting Painless for Your Customers

It’s not always possible to eliminate waiting altogether. Yet, waiting is a source of frustration for most people. Luckily, there are steps you can take that can dial down the annoyance factor and win you some points with your customers at the same time.

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Clever Canines delivers quality customer feedback with the help of WaitWell

Using WaitWell's SMS texting ability, Clever Canines DaySchool trainers have the opportunity to provide critical feedback to pet owners.

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