With WaitWell, doctors see more patients and waiting rooms are less crowded because in-office waiting time is reduced


less on-site waiting


better patient retention


reduction in staff stress levels

The average wait time to see a doctor has steadily increased in recent years.  20% of patients have switched doctors due to long wait times and 30% have walked out of a waiting room because the wait was too long.

WaitWell allows clinics and urgent care facilities, vaccine clinics and other medical practices to manage appointments and walk-ins from one simple queue screen. Patients can wait safely outside of the waiting area, helping to prevent transmission of contagious illnesses.

Not only does this keep patients safer, it also enhances the work environment of frontline medical workers. All of this can be accomplished while actually seeing more patients because WaitWell’s seamless Appointments and Virtual Queue management integration helps medical offices to fill schedules, not waiting rooms.

WaitWell has solved the issue of patients constantly calling the office during our busiest hours to see how long the wait will be. Now they can simply send a text to join our line.

Agnie Machin, University Reproductive Associates

Learn how WaitWell helps busy medical practices to see more patients in a day without crowding waiting rooms. Eliminate lineups and clipboard waiting lists with WaitWell Queue Management and Appointments.

Improving the patient experience

A better patient experience can lead to better health outcomes for patients, less staff turnover and a more profitable practice. Download our free White Paper to learn how your organization can elevate PX in your practice with patient queue management software and a patient appointment booking system.

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Immigration Medical Toronto slashes in-person waiting time and improves COVID screening efficiency with WaitWell

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University Reproductive Associates eliminates morning rush using WaitWell

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